Exploring Sorsogon – Pepita Park and Rest Area

Pepita Park and Recreation Center

You haven’t been to Sorsogon if you haven’t seen the crab-like building of Pepita Park. When we were still kids and on our way to Legazpi, this is the site that we always want to see due to its peculiar design.

Last December 2009, I decided to jog to the place (it’s just a few kilometers away where I stayed) and take some pictures. This is actually part of my bucket list that I want to blog about. In the last 15 years or so, I can’t remember when the park ground was free of fish nets (there’s a small fishing village nearby). During my visit, the fish nets were all around the park grounds a couple of fisher folks were fixing their nets. It was low tide when I made the visit so the smell of the salt water was every where.

During back in high school, there were a couple of stores already near the area but I cannot remember any souvenir stores. But here it is now, infront of the park itself. It gives me an idea that there are some guests who come here and do check around, and on the side buys some pili nuts or locale stuff. According to the plaque beside the entrance, it was built during the incumbency of His Excellency President Marcos on 1974 under the administration of Hon. Baltazar Aquino, Secretary Of Department of Public Highways. And the project was undertaken by Mrs. Pepita Aquino, National Chairman, Highway Beautification Projects. I guess this explains why it’s called Pepita Park.

While walking around the park, I can still see clearly when the ground was clean and kids can play around without getting strangled by the fish nets mounted on the coconut trees. Furthermore, the grass was well kept before then. I just hope that the local government would clean this place up, it’s still a good rest area for those traveling to Bulan or Matnog. And if they can develop the nearby suba and the mangrove, it can be an ecotourism area.

Additional pictures can be found here.
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