SM City Sorsogon

I know that the construction of SM City Sorsogon (Brgy. Balogo or Brgy. Mahingan?, beside the central terminal) is now in full swing, but I didn’t get wind of the opening year until now when I encountered this article.

Once this opens up, the traffic in Brgy. Balogo/Mahingan will surely shoot up – you will have customers coming as far as Bulan (those from the north will go to SM City Legazpi) just like when SM Savemore opened up. Thus, the diversion road will surely come handy during this time. Even then, I am sure that the narrow roads of Sts. Peter and Paul Ville subdivision will be full of passing vehicles to enter the city proper – not today, but in a few years. And normally, when SM mall pops out on a place, small vendors suffer. I am not being a hypocrite (my family purchases most of our stuff from SM), but I am just saying.

Is this progress?  Can’t the old be successful with the new?

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Culinary Treasure/s from Sorsogon

While checking for any related articles on Sorsogon and I found this from Yummy.

What’s ironic is that it mentioned that Pili is found generally in Bicol – perhaps, but the bulk really came from Sorsogon. And of all products to mention Sorsogon, it’s lobster. I know that lobster is availabe from our coast, and consider to be great-tasting. But I also know that most if it can be found on protected marine sanctuary. And what about the baluko?

Kinilaw na Baluko

But I guess this article is about context.

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Dr. Fernando Duran Sr. Hospital

The building on the left is the old building, while the right one is the newest wing of Sorsogon Provinicial Hospital.

This is the old building of Sorsogon Provincial Hospital. The closed door is the former emergency room.

This is the old building of Sorsogon Provincial Hospital. The closed door is the former emergency room.

The old building of SPH at night. In contrast to the new wing, it’s dimly lighted. The windows with light is the former pharmacy of the SPH.

The old wing of Sorsogon Provincial Hospital hasn’t change a lot since in the 90s.

The side of the new SPH wing – this is the ER section.

A well lighted SPH at night.

The facade of the new wing of Dr. Fernando Duran Sr. Hospital, previously known as Sorsogon Provincial Hospital.

The SPH driveway that can accommodate two lanes going into opposite directions.

This is the pharmacy counter of the new building in Sorsogon Provincial Hospital, now known as Dr. Fernando Duran Sr.

The clean hallway of Dr. Fernando Duran Sr. Hospital is just impressive. The window in the right has the nurse station.

The private rooms has its own TV and integrated oxygen supply valve. A far cry from the old wing back in the days in which the O2 tanks are rolled in if the patient will need O2 supply.

One of the entry points of SPH and the diversion roads are under rehabilitation.

The foreground is a former basketball court come concrete tennis court. The author remembers playing with his cousin-doctor once or twice back in the early 90s.

Free ambulance service for the Sorsoganon – courtesy of the office of the governor.

SPH ambulance with the usual credit of the incumbent official.

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Sorsogon National High School at Night, early 90s vs 2018

During our time in the nineties, wara sin mga kotse sa sulod san campus. Kun igwa man, basi bisita pero bihirahunon. Nan an mag estudyante naguuruli sin mga alas singko emedya o alas sais. Diyut na lang sana an tawo pag abut sin mag alas siyete (kaupod ako didto). Pero an mag estudyante sa Main Building mas damu pa kay mga graduating an mga yadto, lalo na an opisina sin Luzon Tip.

Students on their way out of the oval area (we call it back in the days) around 630pm. The building on the right is the former canteen maintained by the late Mrs. Samar.

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Widening of the Cawayan Bridge c2’2018

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Sweet Amore c2’2018

My niece brought me here to have dinner. They serve beer, pasta and the usual menu. But one thing I like about this cafe is their cake, which apparently I cannot remember which one. I didn’t have coffee during my visit, instead I had beer. When we dropped by, the place is full of teens – a reflection of the affordability of their offering.

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New Location of Jane’s Fastfood

The new location of Jane’s Fastfood along Rizal St. It’s been a while that I actually tried it, but it’s an institution in Sorsogon that I keep track of it every now and then.

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