Sorsogon City’s Home for the Aged

The Home for the Aged in Brgy. Roro is one of the 2 with proper accreditation. Their main office is based in Manila. I went there today to pick up my in-law’s wheel chair; the rest, my wife decided to donate it to the home. When we were about to leave, my daughter asked me if she and her cousin can play badminton the front yard, which I agreed. While waiting, I had a short chat with the caregiver. She told me the home is hosting to more than 20+ patients, males and females. She also shared that there were few cases of escape and they would farm out the city to look for their patients. It stopped there because the shuttle cock got stuck on the tree leaves – a signal that it was time to leave.

For a couple of years or so, we would bring some adult diapers to the home for the aged in Brgy. Roro. It’s a family affair, including our nephew and nieces. We’d like our daughter to be exposed on the plight of the old ones. This picture is taken on 2016. Several weeks back, my father in-law also entered the home. Unfortunately, he passed away this week.

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Making a Phone Call in Sorsogon in the 80s and early 90s

Digitel is the first private telephone company who put up a phone infrastructure in the province. It was part of their contract with the government so that they will be allowed to set up mobile infrastructure in the country (the 3rd company, after SMART/PLDT and Globe). The whole Sorsogon has an area code of 56, thus, you can call somebody in Bulan (the only town I can remember with Digitel landline service) just like calling somebody in Brgy. Talisay or Brgy. Balogo. And I could also remember the complaints of the local subscribers for unauthorized long distance – the phone units then didn’t have a PIN to control long distance calls; the feature only came in later.

The Digitel Building is located in the Provincial Capitol Compound, just beside the Provincial Agricultural office. circa Nov’2010.

But before Digitel, we had a phone line provided by the government. From what I remember, the office was located along De Vera Street where the local post office is now located. The service was intermittent, most of the time it was down. I don’t remember it going back on line after Bagyong Sisang.

After Digitel was purchased by PLDT, our line was transitioned to the latter. We still maintain a landline (which local number I cannot remember). Nowadays, my mom is subscribing to a fiber internet service, way faster than mine back in Rizal!

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Rizal St. In Front of Funeraria Labalan, Brgy. Pangpang (July 2019)

While manning the wake of my mother in-law, I decided to take a video of of Rizal in front of the funeral chapel. I am sure, sooner or later, the landscape will change. This is really for those who haven’t been to Sorsogon for a long time.

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DZRS cNov’2012

DZRS is one of the oldest station in Sorsogon province. When the author is in high school, he would listen to this quiz program during lunch time. If the contestants get the answers correctly, they receive price money. A few of my classmates joined and won the daily price. Though this office (at Plaza Bonifacio) is not the original office.

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Sampaguita Store, Then (2012) and Now (2019)

This photo is taken on February 2012. Eventually Sampaguita moved along Magsaysay Street, on the same building where Kim’s resto and RCPI is originally located. The chain is from Naga City, Camarines Sur.


This is the current Sampaguita Department Store, circa Aug’2019. It’s now located on the former Kim’s restaurant, corner Magsaysay and Monreal Streets.



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Coffee Cat Cafe c2018

San sarong taon (2018), mga Marso, nag uli kami san asawa ko para magbisita kami kay Papa. Nagkasakit nan gin ospital sin pira na adlaw. May sarong adlaw na naghahanap ako sin kape, nahanapan ko ini na Coffee Cat Cafe sa taas san UCPB sa Magsaysay St. Ginhanap ko pa an hagdanan kun diin, pero madali man lang. Amo ini an mga nakuha ko na litrato san bisita ko.

Mas mayad ini kaysa sa saro pa na kapehan na harani sa Fatima (closed already as of this writing). The way the cake was served was also different and I liked the cheese cake, by the way.

Sa luwas ako nagkape kay mahayahay. Nagkikita kita ako san mga tawo na nalalaug na ruluwas sa Gaisano Mall.


The counter of Coffee Cat. The crews were courteous. Though when I came in around 3pm, they were on their mobile while waiting for customers to come in.

The cheese cake is sweet, but not too much. It goes well with Latte.


It’s a bit dark inside considering this picture is taken in the afternoon. The decor though has a positive impact on the ambiance.

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