Sorsogon National High School at Night, early 90s vs 2018

During our time in the nineties, wara sin mga kotse sa sulod san campus. Kun igwa man, basi bisita pero bihirahunon. Nan an mag estudyante naguuruli sin mga alas singko emedya o alas sais. Diyut na lang sana an tawo pag abut sin mag alas siyete (kaupod ako didto). Pero an mag estudyante sa Main Building mas damu pa kay mga graduating an mga yadto, lalo na an opisina sin Luzon Tip.

Students on their way out of the oval area (we call it back in the days) around 630pm. The building on the right is the former canteen maintained by the late Mrs. Samar.

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Widening of the Cawayan Bridge c2’2018

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Sweet Amore c2’2018

My niece brought me here to have dinner. They serve beer, pasta and the usual menu. But one thing I like about this cafe is their cake, which apparently I cannot remember which one. I didn’t have coffee during my visit, instead I had beer. When we dropped by, the place is full of teens – a reflection of the affordability of their offering.

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New Location of Jane’s Fastfood

The new location of Jane’s Fastfood along Rizal St. It’s been a while that I actually tried it, but it’s an institution in Sorsogon that I keep track of it every now and then.

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Full Moon in Sorsogon City

In the early March of 2018, I decided to test my Note8 camera if it will capture the full moon. There’s no special setting at all.

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Gabarda Building

Gabarda Building along Rizal St. It’s one of the relatively old buildings in Centro. circa Nov’2010.

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SNHS Ball Ground, January 2013

On January 2013, my wife and and myself dropped by SNHS (Sorsogon National High School) to meet our former teachers. Most of them are now head teachers and located on the same office, at the ground floor of the main building. After visiting them, we went around and took some pictures.

I was disappointed to see that the track is gone. When I was in my elementary days, I could still remember athletes running around the 400-m track. It was during our time in SNHS when they reduced it to 300m track oval because the school added more schools and eating up the oval. Back in the late 80s/early 90s, there’s 1 volleyball court, a Sepak Takraw court (became the girl’s volleyball court), a basketball court, a softball/baseball diamond that would pop out during intramural and a soccer field.

Before the Sepak Takraw court was moved infront of the main building, we would play on the ball ground. And our 15-m run would be around the oval – normally, we could finish 4 laps around the oval.

I could still remember Mr. Gojar coaching his volleyball team how to do the spike. On my first year, he had to rebuild the SNHS volleyball team; on my 4th year, the same team was smashing through the different provincial teams. Mr. Gojar would inspire me to do better in Sepak Takraw every year.

One time, it was raining hard and there were flashes of lightning. But this didn’t deter the soccer team to practice; I still remember, the team captain was named Pulo from Brgy. Binincahan. During this practice, a lightning hit the area near the foot of the soccer goal – everyone ran out of the field. It’s one of those experiences that one couldn’t forget, and could still remember sitting beside the window and not paying attention (soccer is one of my fave sport in high school).

And by the time we graduated, the track wasn’t the original 400m track anymore. We also planted Indian Mango trees on the side.

Here are some pictures, circa Jan’13.

Escudero Building

Escudero Bldg. – We stayed here on our 1st year, before we went to the new (we were the 1st batch) JICA bldg. On the left is a new building (perhaps late 90s). I remember this is Luzon Tip’s office, but not sure if still is. In the foreground is the open basketball court.

The original volleyball courts, are now occupied by a new bungalow. The last time I heard, it’s the Luzon Tip’s office. During my time, the school mag’s office was beside the current principal’s office in the main building.

The basketball court is still there, but the board is now replaced with fiber glass. I can only remember a wooden board during my time in high school. I can still remember the players outside Sorsogon playing barefooted; and I thought it was only an urban legend. Games would go on even during torrential rains. It really didn’t occur to me to play basketball. But it was very popular during my time, and I won’t be surprised if still is. There were a few violent incidents due to huge ego of the losing teams; in one incident, we were in school when we heard shouts and people were running away from the court. Our room was located in the New Building then.

The other side of the basketball court just beside the main entrance. The building on the background is New Building (or at least, what’s what the author remembers).

The other side of the basketball court just beside the main entrance. The building on the background is New Building (or at least, what’s what the author remembers).

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