Cycling in Sorsogon City – Bacon District Gallery

When I am not in the mood to hit the trail, my normal route is to go the former town proper of Bacon along Bacon-Sawanga-Prieto Diaz Road. I would clock 18 to 20km depending on which place I drop by. It takes me 2 hours or so to complete the route – I spend around almost 1hr getting some rest.

2019-12-31 Pocdol Mountain

A beautiful view of Pocdol Mountain, Brgy. San Roque.

2020-05-17 Bacon Route 1

Picture break along the Bacon-Sawanga-Prieto Diaz Road. This is right after Sitio Batohan, Brgy. San Roque.


Our Lady of Annunciation Parish, Brgy. Poblacion, Bacon District.

2020-2-16 Our Lady of Annunciation Parish

The last time I attended mass in Our Lady of Annunciation Parish, if I am not mistaken, was when I attended a requiem mass of one of my batchmates in high school.

2019-12-31 Bacon Catholic Cemetary

From time to time I would visit my dead relatives in Bacon Catholic Cemetery. There was a time that it was the only cemetery in the former town.

2020-05-17 Bacon Pier 1

Encountered this man transferring goods from the pier to the banca. The man who is carrying a box shared that the road connecting to Brgy. Osiao from Brgy. Poblacion can only be accessed by motorcycle. That gave me an idea.

2020-05-17 Bacon Pier 2

This boat accommodates both passengers and cargo. It’s route is to Brgy. Osiao and it costs PHP40 one way.

2020-05-17 Albay Gulf

Albay Gulf – on a clear sky, Mt. Mayon can be seen from Bacon coast. There was a time that we could watch the famous volcano erupted.

2020-05-17 Banca Parking Lot

Bancas docked along the sea wall, just beside the Bacon Pier.

2020-05-17 Artificial Corals

During one of my visit in Bacon Pier, I saw these several units of artificial corals. I didn’t have a chance to talk to anyone who knows about it.


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Online Delivery – Naghahagad sin Litrato san IDs?

Niyan an Covid, damu damo an nagbabakal sin kun nano sa online shops. Tapos damo man an nagrireklamo na kesyo dili idto an gin order ninda o may nagkukuwa san order ninda. An makakangalas san nawawara an delivery kay, kun tama man an address!

Niyan, an isturya sa akun, may manga nagdi deliver na naghahagad sin ID tapos ginkukuwaan sin litrato an ID. Dili man intiru na nagdeliber irug sadi, saro man lang. 

Naniwala ako na wara maraut na intention ini na delivery service, pero dili sinda handa magkaput sin personal information san manga kustomer. Tapos, malamang sadiring telepono an gamit sa pagkuwa sin litrato. May tamang pagtago sin personal na impormasyun, dili lang basta basta. 

Dili tabi kamo MAGTUGUT na KUWAAN sin litrato an ID nindo kay puwede ina gamitun sa ibang bagay! Nan dapat igwa ina sin proseso sa pagkuwa sin personal information, dili lang basta ginhahagad! Sa panahon niyan, uso an identity theft

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Sorsogon City Slaughter House

2020-05-17 Slaughter House 1

One of the entry points of the city’s slaughter house. It’s located in Brgy. Bibincahan, uphill Ilawod from the Diversion Road.

2020-05-17 Slaughter House 2

The city’s slaughter house occupies a wide tract of land. Perhaps it’s more of accommodating increasing demand than the current one.

2020-05-17 Slaughter House 3

I am not sure what this building is for and haven’t been closer than the gate on the left side. From the looks of it, it’s not for an office building.

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Sweet Amore Stopover

One evening earlier this year, I decided to stop by this coffee shop before proceeding for dinner at Rompeolas with my mom. My wife and I loves this place, not because it’s cheap – they have delicious offering. I like their coffee as well. I ordered a cup of Americano and a slice of triple decker chocolate cake – Php110! Ilalaban ko an cake ninda against a coffee shop from Seattle and another coffee shop that was recently acquired by a local burger chain.

The cake is not dry, moist and not so sweet. The coffee is also not strong and just took it without cream nor sugar (abuso na pag binugtakan ko pa sin asukar).

I decided to stay outside because my cough is bad (may natapunan na ako sa opisina) and I have nothing to chain my MTB to.

I am sure my wife will not like this visit, either because i ordered a slice of cake or because she wasn’t with me.

My order for tonight. The background is their counter, a very simple one manned by the lady owner (I would assume).

Hopefully they will survive this pandemic. Last time I passed by the place, it was still closed. But once the quarantine is lifted and they open up, I totally recommend this for guests or tourists who are looking for the taste of the big city, but check first if they have seats for you (they have mobile number in Google map). This is a small place, despite of having a second floor. Visit the Google map link for directions.

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Pag Gibu sin Uring

2020-05-17 Mag uuring

While cycling along the dirt trail of Sitio San Lorenzo, I encountered some folks preparing to fire their furnace to make charcoal. They hid from the camera when I asked them to take pictures.  I only had an idea because I saw almost the same thing in youtube.

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Sorsogon MTB Trail – Trinx Brave 1.1

The proximity to our place of dirt trails gives me opportunity to go there in the morning or late afternoon, especially in the weekend. The San Lorenzo trail is around 3km long (including the road connecting the other trail leading towards City Village. There’s also the Maricrum trail which exits on the said subdivision. So it wasn’t a surprise when I bought a new MTB bike, a Trinx Brave 1.1, I hit the trail after a couple of days.

The author’s MTB, is an old 2015 Trinx DVR600 (not in production anymore). Most of the part are still stock parts, except for the handlebar (MountainPeak), hubs (Ragusa), cassette (11t-42t Shuriken) and RD/shifters (LTwoo A5).

My original MTB is a hard tail, 5-year old Trinx DVR600, a gift from my wife. But it was breaking down more often; the worst was when the chain broke into several pieces – naglakat ako sin manga duwang oras paulo. And I felt the cogs would be next (the mechanic told me that the chain break was due to damaged cogs). Upgrading it can be expensive since it’s a 26er MTB and there’s not a lot of choices in the local shops. I was thinking of building one based on a Sagmit full sus, or simply purchase a cheaper built bike. I took the latter since I am not very selective of the parts, as long as it’s safe and I enjoy the ride. It helps that idol Ian did a youtube review.

I decided to purchase the Trinx’s Brave 1.1, approx. PHP7,000 cheaper than it’s Brave 2.1 brother. It’s very hard to get specifics of the said model from the net, even from the FB page of some bike shops in NCR. So here’s what I got:

  1. A Suntour XCM 30 100mm-travel fork
  2. Altus 3×9 drive train –> upgraded to 1×9
  3. 11t-32t cogs –> upgraded to 11t-50t
  4. Hydraulic brakes
  5. Sr Suntour Raidon rear shock
  6. 27.5″ x 2.35″ Kenda tires with Weinmann rims

The rest of the parts seems to be Trinx branded.

The author’s new Trinx Brave 1.1 bought from Hometown, resting on the side of San Lorenzo trail.

The first time I took it for a ride to Rompeolas, I was wondering why it was taking me a lot of effort to pedal. It didn’t occur to me immediately that the smaller cogs (I have a 11t-42t cogs on my old DVR600) wasn’t helping, and being a full suspension model, it’s really heavy. And I was bouncing up and down even though the rear suspension was already locked (this was mentioned in the Unlihaon youtube review). I started to regret buying a full suspension model. On my second day, I brought it to the Maricrum trail which exits at San Lorenzo, and eventually at City Village.

At first, I tried riding the bike through the rocky portion, and it was uphill – the rear and fork suspensions were engaged. It was very tiring so I locked it again until I reached the jump off point. I was wondering one of my nephews and his friends were simply pushing their bikes. But I kept on riding my bike, and would just push it for a few meters then ride again. I was so exhausted that I fell twice getting off the bike (my knees simply buckled)! On the next half of the uphill battle, I decided to do the same – push the bike until we reach our jump off point. It was a 1hr walk/ride combination, until we prepared to hit the trail downhill. This MTB is quite heavy! The small cassette also didn’t help.

The jump off point of for MTB riders going down the Maricrum-San Lorenzo trail.

Before we hit the trail again going downhill, I engaged both suspensions. Going down, the wide 2.35″ tires was really making a positive impression gripping the ground with satisfaction. Now I understand bikers would invest on expensive trail tires. The heavy weight of the MTB (and mine) helped in getting additional traction going down the rocky and slippery trail.

This is the first time I tried a full suspension, and for the longest time my  muscle memory is bound to the hard tail experience. So, I was surprised how smooth it was going down; the rear wheel was easy to control even when it would slip on the rocks. I felt I didn’t have to grip the handle bar very tightly like what I did with the old hard tail, It was more of a relaxing ride going down the trail. And I wanted to try it again the next day!

The 2nd attempt on the same trail was different. While going down, I sat down for a few meters and it was a rocky terrain. Wrong move – I bounced several times, and the last one was bad that I lost my step on the pedal; expectedly, I fell off the bike! Luckily, I was slowing down because my left pedal kept on hitting coconuts scattered on the trail. That’s one lesson – never sit down while on your way down the trail while the rear suspension is engaged.

The stock pedals were also slippery, unlike the Sagmit one I have on the other MTB. This was the first meds I decided to buy.

Trinx Brave 1.1 with upgraded cogs, a Sagmit 11t-50t. Works pretty well uphill. With the 3×9 drive train, it’s prone to cross chaining and I couldn’t use all the sprockets.

Dili kasya sa bike rack an Trinx Brave 1.1. Puwede lang an rack ko sa manga hard tail.

Then I tried hanging it on my existing trailer hitch bike rack – it wouldn’t fit! I need a different type of rack, perhaps a hitch mounted bike rack that I could simply let the it stand on the rack. There goes my plan to visit other trails outside the city, or I just need to pedal my way.

Overall, I love its performance on the trail especially dealing with rocky terrain. It’s easier to control, and the rear shock really do wonders when engaged. Of course, the wide tires provide a better grip in the trail and makes it easier to control the MTB on slippery and even loose rocks. However, I need to get used to its weight, riding it on the road and especially going uphill really requires a lot of effort. And I also need to invest a new bike rack if I need to bring it to some farther trails outside the city. Despite of its weight and shortcomings, I still recommend it for beginners who want to spend more time in the trail than in the road.

After 1.5 months, it has now a 1×9 drive train – Sagmit 11t-50t cogs, Mountainpeak pedals and 34t Racework crankset.

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Sandugo Sandals

When my wife bought me a MTB 5y ago, I also bought this Sandugo sandals because of its price. Due to its durability, I became loyal to Sandugo brand like tents, earth pads, hydration pack to name a few.
Lately it’s screaming for me to let go – one logo peeled off, broken strap and thinning sole. It still goes with me on trails and regular rides around Sorsogon City. Mabuhay ang Tatak Pinoy!

The pictures were taken at the Bacon pier, during one of those regular rides.

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San Lorenzo Integrated National High School

2020-05-17 San Lorenzo Integrated National School

First time I heard about an integrated school, let alone in Sitio San Lorenzo, Brgy. Bibincahan.  It’s good to know that the residents in San Lorenzo has the opportunity to get education w/o going to Bibincahan Elementary School.

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Nagpaplasa sa Gubat

Gusto ko magbakal sin mga isirira na sira. Makakaumay na an karne. Biyernes sadto, kaya lang dili pa man saud sa Sorsogon nan Bacon. Naghaput-haput ako sa mga kaklase ko kun saud sa Gubat, amo kuno. Kaya mga 630 san aga, dalagan kami san asawa ko sa plasa san Gubat. Mayad man, saday lang pero malinis. Kaya lang, wara sin garahean san mga berlina. Ginpahali ako sa gilid san plasa, tapos pipalipat ako didto sa highway. Sutil man ako, may espasyo sa kanto sa urunhan, didto ako nagparada. Atab pa man pan-o, pero kun mga alas otso na, basi pa. Pero amo ina an kaipuhan ako masanay, na an mga establisyemento sa Sorsogon, wara sin lugar sa mga kotse.

Diyut lang an tinda na sira, pero lab-as pa. Nagbakal si misis in Mamsa, ako baluko nan Tuna. Ugmaon si misis san nakakita sin page – kinunot! An sira, dili man talaga barato; siguro barato sin mga PHP20 kaysa sa Manila, pero lain irog sana kabarato. An gulay, depende – kun lokal lang, baratuhun (PHP10 an sarong bugkus san marawugun na Malunggay!). An baluko kamahal (pan-o man, an aram ko na presyo nasa PHP30 a kilo) – nasa PHP140 to PHP160 kada kilo! Nakatawad man ako diyes pesos, puwede na.

Tapos may nababati kami na mga lokal nag iisturya na damu ngaya an maabut na taga Manila kay dahil san quarantine.

Maski malangsa an kamut ko, nakakuha man ako sin mga ritrato.

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Picture Gallery – La Comida Cafe Bistro 2020

On our last visit in La Comida this year, I was able to take pictures of their cozy cafe wing. You be the judge. Sorry, no. I highly recommend that you drop by when you have a chance – it’s worth the visit! For Sorsogon standard, a bit pricey but no different from Una Pizzeria in Brgy. Talisay; but certainly cheaper than the same restaurant in the nation’s capital.


It has limited parking space inside, worse when motorcycles are parked. Though you can park outside.

2020-05-15 La Comida Counter

A guest is checking the selection of cakes. The crew (there were only 2 when we dropped by) were very attentive and courteous.

2020-05-15 La Comida Cafe

La Comida has 2 wings – the cafe and the restaurant (left door when you enter the gate). The place is very cozy. There wer no other guests when we dropped by at the middle of the afternoon.

2020-05-15 La Comida Cake

Do not forget to order Red Velvet when in La Comida. It’s a good partner of Cafe Latte.

The crew waiting for the order.

Three of us finished our mid-afternoon lunch in less than 45m after the our orders were served. Our guest from New York loved the pinakbet.

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