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Recap of 2019

Quite an interesting year dealing with three deaths in the family. It consumed most of our time on 2019, especially my wife. But it did bring us closer together, inspired me to spend more learning how to cook (my mom … Continue reading

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Culinary Treasure/s from Sorsogon

While checking for any related articles on Sorsogon and I found this from Yummy. What’s ironic is that it mentioned that Pili is found generally in Bicol – perhaps, but the bulk really came from Sorsogon. And of all products to mention Sorsogon, … Continue reading

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Full Moon in Sorsogon City

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Paghimo sin Hinagum

Hinagum is a Bicolano delicacy. My grandmother who grew up in the 40s in Brgy. San Isidro, Bacon district, know how to make one. And even though they moved to Manila in the late 70s, she would make one for … Continue reading

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Sojourning in Sorsogon: The seductions of six natural attractions

By  Celine Reyes / Photos by Dennis Murillo & Tophee Marquez  –  January 7, 2018 The Bicol region’s allure is more than just its spicy food and the Mayon Volcano.From ridges to reefs, summits to seas, the province of Sorsogon has … Continue reading

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Mercedes B. Peralta Sr. High school

The newly built Mercedes B. Peralta Senior High School was inaugurated last July 11, 2017. The second building is due to be inaugurated in October 2017. The land was donated by one of the children of the late Congressman Vicente … Continue reading

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