Driving from Manila to Sorsogon (Part 4 – Driving along Sorsogon Area)

Note: This is last of the series – Driving from Manila to Sorsogon.

From Daraga, Albay, one will pass by Pilar. However, you only pass by Sitio Putiao. From the center of Daraga to the Pilar junction (going to Donsol/Pilar) area, it takes approx. 15-20 minutes drive. It will take another 10-15 minutes drive to Cumadcad, Castilla.

Cumadcad is just a barangay of the town of Castilla, The town proper is really almost an hour drive away. However, when the Maharlika Highway was built and bypassed the town proper, the said sitio flourished better than the town proper. Thus, the town hall is located in this place than in the town proper.

The junction going to the Castilla proper can be identified by the fact that there’s a small concrete kiosk in the corner of the junction, plus a make-shift tricycle terminal. It’s another 20 minutes to Sorsogon City from this point.

From Cumadcad, it’s the last 30-minute stretch to Sorsogon City. For those who grew up in Sorsogon and took a regular trip to Castilla and beyond, the reference that one is near the town proper, is the crab-like rest house of Pepita Park.

The author’s reference as the end of the south road trip is the zero kilometer of Sorsogon located in Brgy. Balogo, just in front of Balogo Elementary School. It’s approximately 550 kilometers away from Luneta Park (the zero kilometer reference of the Philippine Highway System).

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17 Responses to Driving from Manila to Sorsogon (Part 4 – Driving along Sorsogon Area)

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  4. gideon300 says:

    Hi, na miss ko ining site mo. As far as I remember, there was a kilometer stone just in front of former Petron station katabi ng Sorsogon Cathedral. And the number engraved there was 580.

  5. xgol says:

    Thanks for taking time to write and share. Definitely one of my bucket list items. Hope they can do something about those illegally parked cars along the highways. Am not putting too much hope on the potholes; even Metro Mla has them 😦

    Rostan looks like a good stop!!!

  6. Roy says:

    Pauli kami sa thursday. May nag southroad na lately? Road conditions please? Btw, good job on posting this. I remember looking for a site like this for my first southroad drive.

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Roy,

      Maundy Thursday? Just be sure to leave very early from Manila. Two years ago, Calamba exit in SLEX held us up for 2 hours around 5am! I am not sure if it has improved after the completion of its rehab. But my uncle, the same time, left at 2 am from Paranaque to be sure and he was in Sorsogon in 11 hours.

      On the road condition, there’s a long one-way section in Pagbilao – my trip last week took me 14 to 15 hours – that takes a while to clear through. Then, if you are on your way to Daraga, just before the intersection (going to Daraga and LEgazpi) has a one-way section. If you are in that place approx. 8am, it takes approx. 20min to clear the section. At least that was my experience last week.

      Now that you asked, I think I might put it in my blog just a notice to the drivers.

      Ingat nan dios mabalos!


      • Roy says:

        Amo, Maundy Thursday tabi. Had the same experience 2 years ago. That wasn’t a problem last year though with SLEX being extended going towards STAR. We normally leave Alabang at 2am, on a Thu. Travel takes 11hrs-12hrs. Thanks for the note on Pagbilao and Daraga. Might as well leave midnight. Dios mabalos!

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Roy,

      According to father, who just drove to Sorsogon last Sunday, the road is very bad in the Quezon area; though, he didn’t mention any issues on one-way section of the road (or it was already completed).

      Anyways, ingat sa byahe!


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  8. Len says:

    hi!!! i was so happy to have found this blog!!! we are planning to go to sorsogon via motorcylce from makatii just for an adventure trip this coming november . This is very helpful 🙂 Thanks!!

  9. Ju Lopez says:

    Salamat sa blog na ito and magiging guide namin. tanong ko lang po, manggagaling kami sa carmona cavite papuntang matnog sorsogon, balak po namin ay mag byahe lang pag may araw. saan po ba bandang gitna ng byahe pwede magpalipas ng magdamag?

    • sorsogoncity says:


      Sorry, ngayon lang kita nasagot. Lucena or Pagbilao is a good place to have a break; it’s 3 to 4 hours away from Alabang depending on the traffic. If you have your own food, it’s nice to stop by at Quezon National Park, Atimonan, Quezon. It has cottages for motorists on the mountain side. Some snacks can be purchased, water is available, too. Or if you want to drive longer, about 3 to 4 hours down the road from Atimonan, you can try Atimonan Park, Ragay, Camarines Sur along the Andaya Highway (Quirino Highway).

      Naga City is another alternative, right after the bridge entering the city. There’s a small mall on the right side, opposite of the junction going to the central bus terminal (you won’t miss this since buses come and go). I would suggest that you just stop by Pili town in CAmarines Sur, this is right after Naga City. There’s a Bigg’s Diner on the left, if you are on your way to Matnog. It’s located beside a Caltex gas station.

      Of course, before heading to Matnog, you can drop by Legazpi or Sorsogon. The latter will entail you to get inside the city, while the latter has restos along the highway unless you take the diversion road.

      I hope that helps.

      Ingat kayo sa biyahe!

      Sorsogon City

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