Breakwater in Rimpulas

Breakwater or Reclamation?

During one of my visits last December 2009 in Rimpulas, I saw this lengthy breakwater almost at the end of the bay walk. I can’t remember if it was already there back in 2008. I am curious if it’s really a breakwater since the tide in Sorsogon Bay is not that strong unless there’s a typhoon. Furthermore, I am not confident it’s there to protect the residents near the shore.

Since 5 years ago, I’ve been hearing a plan of the province to reclaim the area beside the pier and also develop the Pinaculan Island. And if I remember the stories from my old man, it starts with a structure just like this breakwater to move the shore line further; from hereon, filling materials can be dumped.

In any case, I find it an eyesore. I guess breakwater reminds me of yachts (like in Manila Yacht Club) or huge ships on the background.

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