Pepita Park and Quezon National Park – What do they have in common?

Every time I drive going to Sorsogon, I normally prefer to take the winding road of Quezon National Park in the town of Atimonan. It saves more than 30 minute since the Maharlika in this section is like taking a trip to the moon – full of huge potholes that even a bus will have a hard time avoiding them!

Last December, we took a few minutes in the park to take some pictures. Then I read a short description of the park – apparently, the beautification of the park was an initiative of the same Pepita Aquino, the wife of the DPH (now DPWH) secretary during Marcos’ time, that lead the construction of Pepita Park in Brgy. Bulabog, Sorsogon City.

This is the biggest building in the Quezon National Park. It houses rest rooms, a small store, a wide area for lunch/dinner and an open ground for kids (I guess).

On the way down to Maharlika highway. This is one of the 2 most difficult turns in the park - you have to take the opposite lane when another car is on the opposite direction.

This is the opposite side of the rest house.

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5 Responses to Pepita Park and Quezon National Park – What do they have in common?

  1. Elay says:

    If I remember correctly, didi baya idto na giant kasag, saka an snow white nd d 7 dwarfs..coz wen I was a kid I Hv always wanted 2 come here but never got the chance. I still want to, but I wonder if those landmarks are still there..

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Elay,

      Thanks for the comments. Yes, amo ini an kasag. Now you reminded me of the snow white and the 7 dwarves. Pero last time na nagkadto ako, di ko napansin or wara na. Aram ko kitaunon idto na mga estatwa from the vehicle when passing by.

      I want to visit the place again and interview the one incharge kun nano pa an details. Last time I went there was during the weekend, wara tawo. San pabalik kami sa Manila 2 weeks ago, nakita ko may mga tawo sa sulod san kasag.

      Sorsogon City

  2. Elay says:

    Oh I was referring 2 pepita park in sorsi…

  3. Yes… its my home… pepita park is not in brgy bulabog it is now part of brgy bucalbucalan..

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