About The Author

The author is a native of Sorsogon (the former town), now a district when it joined Bacon to form the Sorsogon City. He still comes to visit his hometown, meet with friends and family, visit places he grew up with, try the latest restos in town and other activities that remind him of his childhood.

2020-02-17 Sorsogon City Sunset

Sunset in Rompeolas, Brgy. Talisay. February 2020.

He’s also happily married to a fellow Sorsoguena, who is a former classmate as well (and a better writer). Thus, deciding where to go during Holy Week and Holiday Season is quite easy.

His love of writing goes back to his Luzon Tip days in Sorsogon National High School under the tutelage of Mrs. Rosani Palma and Ms. Domigiano. Even during college and start of his professional career, he still kept a personal journal and loves writing technical reports.

The Sorsogon town hall before the renovation. The author loves history, which is part of his reason to record the changes in the city.

In the last decade, he became interested on Web 2.0 tools like Wikipedia and Blogger. This is where it all started, editing the Wiki of Sorsogon City, list of city’s barangays and Sorsogon Province, and researching the history of the province. This is where the blog for Sorsogon City started. And lately, he’s learning how to extend the reach of the blog and not simply uploading articles.

Aside from the typical articles, the author has his blog journal that he feels doesn’t warrant an article.

The author is hoping that he can consolidate information about the city and the province on this site and reach more Sorsoganon who haven’t been to the beloved town, err city, for a long time.

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  1. How come Bulan have a better resolution satellite image than Sorsogon? If you look at Google Earth or Google Map, Bulan have a high satellite image resolution.

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Raymond,

      A couple of months back, I noticed that the area along the Sts. Peter and Paul subdivision as updated in the Google Map. I am still waiting for Google to update the section in Brgy. Pangpang/Macabog and Brgy. Balogo.

      Based on what I gathered, the update on the map is based on how many hits the section has. The higher, the sooner Google will update it.

      Btw, where can one buy a topo map of Sorsogon?


      • Darius says:

        have you tried the DENR office if they have topo map of Sorsogon? NAMRIA, which updates and print maps is an attached agency of DENR. There are 1:50,000 scale amps for sure and even 1:250.000 but it would be best if you could get 1:10,000. Also be sure of what quadrangle you are interested in so you will know what to buy. The area you might be interested in may not have the same name as the quadrangle where it is located.

      • sorsogoncity says:

        Hi Darius,

        Salamat tabi sa kommentaryo.

        I did consider the 1:50k scale NAMRIA map a couple of years ago, but it’s just too expensive – PHP 5k/block. And I think I need 3 or 4 blocks for the city alone and its nearby areas.

        But then, I inquired on a map store somewhere in Avenida. Would you know where these maps are available (I am not sure if the store is still open) and for how much? I love to get hold of this, as long as it’s affordable.

        I remember a very old topo map photocopied from UPLB library by one of my friends and shows Brgy. Bibincahan still deserted but already reflected the Gate 3 extension (now part of the diversion road).


      • Darius says:

        5K per block?!! that’s way too expensive for a topo map that you can buy from Bureau of Lands (?) for about 250. maybe what you are referring to is the digital version that contains GIS files. these are not scanned images but files that can only be opened using GIS sofwares. please try enquiring from Bureau of Lands, they might still have some. cheers!

      • sorsogoncity says:

        I got the price from a cartographic store along Avenida. Thanks, I will try BoL.

    • arnold says:

      5k/block? are you sure? did you inquire personally to NAMRIA?


  2. sorsogoncity says:

    As far as I know, Google updates each section of the Google Map with high-res map. HOwever, there’s no clear documentation saying which place will be the next to be updated. I guess, Bulan is just lucky to get the latest update. Furthermore, Sorsogon City is way bigger than 20 years ago so the probability of having an updated hi-res map is lower than the other Sorsogon towns.

    As of the moment, I am still waiting for that update.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Sorsogon City

  3. Jerome says:

    Hi Sir! I’m a Sorsoganon whose currently living in Manila for my College education. Having to read your posts always makes me feel at home… It’s been a quite a long time since I left Sorsogon and am hoping to be back soon… I Hope to read more of your wonderful posts! Thanks.

  4. Irma A. Guhit says:

    Thanks for getting my articles and posting it here in our account… God bless.. There’s another one article .. see it at our PIA website, the Feature story :Army’s Tarabangan sa Brgy Pandan, a convergence initiative to fight poverty… its a news about the collaborative assistance given by the Philippine Army and the local officials here in Sorsogon..

  5. Irma A. Guhit says:

    Thanks more power and it’s nice your making Sorsogon known to the global world…

  6. Thank you for the news. Nowadays I could hardly hear news over the radio. We got cable tv but there weren’t substantial news coming from sorsogon province. This website addresses my longing for news from our province. More power and Godbless!

  7. Thanks for the posts! I could hardly listen to the radio nowadays. Your posts keep me updated. Keep up the good job! More power and Godbless!

  8. Arnold says:

    Hi Good Day ! Im very proud to say that im a Sorsoganon. Last October I am very glad that I was able to witness some of the Kasangayahan Festival activities for the first time and I can say that Sorsogon has a lots to offer when it comes to its tourism industry. If you can posts more on the tourism project of the province that would help to attracts more tourists in our province. I have just recently subscribed and follows your posts via facebook and Im very happy that i have read your post about our beloved province Sorsogon it keeps me updated about our province. Thank you very much for doing such a great work, more power and keep it up!

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Yes, it’s really the site’s objectives to market Sorsogon’s tourist spots. Unfortunately, the site owner is based in Manila and can only develop new articles when he visits the place.

      Dios Mabalos!

      Sorsogon City

  9. J.J. says:

    Greetings! I find this site so facinating. My maternal side is Bicolano, specifically from Camarines Sur. I wonder if you have any historical information on that region, or may know of anyone who write blogs about there.

    Thank you again for the wonderful histories.

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Sir,

      If you check in National Bookstore, there are several books on the history of Bicol region. Specially Camarines Sur, which is the center of Catholicism then; where the priests are, you normally find better historical documentation.

      I hope that helps.


  10. sorsogoncity says:

    Hi J. J.,

    Let me check my previous articles, but yes, I found more than a couple.

    Sorsogon City.

  11. Manny Ferrer says:

    Good that i found your site….Great site..lalo na sa aton na mga Sorsoganon.

    Manny Ferrer

  12. gideon300 says:

    Hello sir, me and my brother is planning to climb Mt. Pulog in Bacon this coming holyweek. Baka gusto nyo pong i-post dito sa site n’yo sa mga gustong sumama. Mas marami, mas masaya ika nga. I’m not a mountaineer but I really love to explore my homeplace every time I got a chance for vacation. At baka meron ding makabasa na familiar sa place at makapagbigay ng tips.


    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Gideon,

      If you can provide me additional information – date, assembly time, overnight or day hike, and related details – definitely, I can post it for everyone’s reference.

      By the way, I need your contact information as well or I can course it through mine if you are afraid that your email address be mis-used. Or if you are comfy, just send me your full name and mobile no.

      I will send you the draft, once I get the info, and let you approve it.


  13. gideon300 says:

    Ok tnx Sir. May nabasa kasi ako from a mountaineering group na sa Sta. Cruz Bacon ang drop-off point nila, pero meron ring isang reader na nagsabing may ibang way sa may Gate 3 sa Bibincahan village at mas malapit daw.

    I will get in touch with you when I get there and when we finalized the plan.

  14. sorsogoncity says:

    Garo naawat ka na nakabisita sato. Before the diversion was completed, Gate 3 was the jumping point to the Pocdol Mountains, however, this is a long walk compared to Sta. Cruz. My friend and I tried going to the lake via Gate 3, it took us more than an hour just to get to the foot of the mountain. Then coming down to this last sitio of Bibincahan, bordering Bacon, took us 1 hour. We never reached the lake because we actually got lost and realized it only just before dark.

    You can try checking the Google Map though for some ideas. I can’t remember if Sta. Cruz is the barangay hosting the beach, Libanon. If so, I know some of my friends came down from the mountains on that area. Another friend took a boat ride before climbing the mountain and came down on the side of PNOC area (that I really want to try!).

    Another exit is Brgy. Guinlajon or Macabog.

    Anyways, keep me posted if you need the site for information disemination.


  15. gideon300 says:

    Thanks for the info. Yearly man po ako naka-uli kaya lang hanggang sentro lang 😦 . Hadlok man kaya magsolo sa mga remote areas. When I was a kid, me and my brothers used to climb Mt. Lubong, part of Pucdol mountains via bgy. macabog.


  16. great to know about this Sorsogon City blogs, i’m happy upon reading the contents, the messages and comments that are so nice and very inspiring. please advice us how we can contribute to you…

  17. sorsogoncity says:

    Hi Ditto,

    Thanks for the feedback. If you have stories to share about Sorsogon, or some pictures about the city, feel free. You can just send me an email – sorsogon@live.com.


  18. yanna says:

    your blog is interesting. it’s great to know that finally, a sorsoganon proudly writes about his hometown. 🙂 a kababayan. a schoolmate. same mentors. nice. nice.

  19. MARA says:

    sir, how do you pronounce the name of sitio gibalon in magallanes? is it like “gibalon” or “hibalon,” following spanish pronunciation where names written in G followed by I or E is pronounced “hi-/he-” not “gi-/ge-“.. thanks

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Good question! Honestly, I don’t know. Let’s check if somebody from the readers will reply back.


      • Juana says:

        as far as i know, we bicolanos always pronounce the g as in ‘gee’ (gatas or gibo) instead of the ‘ha’ in j, otherwise if it is pronounced using ‘ha’ then word should start in “J” or even better “H”. As for the I or E-i presume the letter I is pronounced as ‘ee’ instead of ‘eye’. hope it helps. Thanks!

      • Light Alberich says:

        Let’s compare it with how Gimagaan and Girawan in Donsol, Ginablan in Pilar, Genablan in Matnog, Ginangra in Magallanes and Gimaloto in Sorsogon City are pronounced.

    • Light Alberich says:

      If Gibalon is in Spanish orthography, it’s roughly pronounced as “Hibalon,” otherwise it would be written “Guibalon”

  20. Lorelei Lontoc says:

    I was wondering how I can contact Dr Nap Arevalo? I’m a former student in AMEC-BCCM.

  21. Irma A. Guhit says:

    Hello Lorelie, Dr Noli Arevalo is a very good friend of mine and is my neighbor as he lives here in St. Raphael Subdivision, Pangpang, Sorsogon City.

  22. Juana says:

    puede mag post nin “tiglis ko…” is that the right word?

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Pasensiya na, pero dili ko tabi naintindihan…

    • nonoestur says:

      Basi tabi ‘tinigsik ko…’ an gusto mo sabihon?

      • Sorsoganon,hamus na! says:

        nano tabi an tinigsik??

      • nonoestur says:

        Para tabi sa laen nakaaram kan tigsik, yadi an definition hale sa wikipedia:
        An tigsik o kansíng sa Daan na Bikol saróng suanoy na porma nin halìpot na rawitdawit na minapahilíng kan natural na talento kan mga Bikolano sa pagberso. Kompwesto iní nin duwá o abót apát na taytáy na igwáng walóng silaba o sobra pa. Lambáng sarô kainí igwáng eskimang saróng sarambít o mono-rhyme.[1] Pabiglâ na tinitìyaw o inginungusò iní sa atubangan nin pagtiripon. Iní haros makangingirít, o igwáng “piltik” sa siisáy man na pinapatamáan. Nahihimò na “sarambít” o arangay sa paririkasan na pagkawingkawíng kun mahusay an paratigsík.
        Sample (source: wikipedia) :
        Mga halimbáwà nin tigsík:

        Tigsík ko si padì,
        An boses garó na sa tabilí!
        Tigsík ko an saiyang buskáy,
        Aro-aldáw kong rinuruskáy!
        Tinitigsík ko an saimong burak,
        Mahamót asín daí pa nabùkad,
        Ingating gayo, ta tibáad may makatàmak!
        Tigsík ko an mga burát,
        Usmák na an mga ngurapak kun lasngág!

      • sorsogoncity says:

        Salamatunon tabi.

  23. vladimir ramon frivaldo says:

    If you have time, please see attached copy of my Reply in the Ombudsman against those involved in the P350 m LBP Loan. It is now elevated to Plunder. Hope you could use this as a filler in your future research. Thanks.

    Vladimir Ramon B. Frivaldo

    Republic of the Philippines
    Quezon City

    Incumbent Member of the
    Sangguniang Panlalawigan

    -versus- OMB-C-C-12-0355
    FOR: Violation of R.A. 3019
    Section 3, Paragraphs (a) and (g)

    RAUL R. LEE, incumbent Governor,
    ANTONIO H. ESCUDERO, incumbent Vice Governor, REBECCA D. AQUINO,
    O. RAVANILLA, ANGEL E. ESCANDOR, BENITO L. DOMA, BERNARD H. HAO, PATRICK Q. RODRIGUEZA, NESON A. MARAÑA, all incumbent Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Sorsogon.
    HIL BENEDICT G. MANZANADES, Land Bank Legaspi Office
    RENATO G. EJE Vice President,
    Land Bank of the Philippines,

    Incumbent Member of the
    Sangguniang Panlalawigan

    -versus- OMB-C-A-12-0373
    FOR: Dishonesty and Grave
    RAUL R. LEE, incumbent Governor,
    ANTONIO H. ESCUDERO, incumbent Vice Governor, REBECCA D. AQUINO,
    O. RAVANILLA, ANGEL E. ESCANDOR, BENITO L. DOMA, BERNARD H. HAO, PATRICK Q. RODRIGUEZA, NESON A. MARAÑA, all incumbent Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Sorsogon.


    Comes now Complainant, unto this Honorable Office most respectfully avers that:

    1. Respondents Hil Benedict G. Manzanades and Renato G. Eje would like to point out that the loan was duly approved and evaluated by the different channels of the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) approving authority – from the recommendation of the Account Officer to the approval of different signing authorities, to show that there could not be any conspiracy between Sorsogon Governor Raul R. Lee and some officials of the LBP (See paragraph 3 of the Joint Counter-Affidavit of Messrs. Hil Benedict G. Manzanades and Renato G. Eje). With all due respect, NO EVIDENCE has been presented to prove this allegation;

    2. Paragraphs 4.1; 4.2; and 4.3 of the Joint Counter-Affidavit of Hil Benedict G. Manzanades and Renato G. Eje are correct statement of facts. Paragraph 4.4 is not known to the Complainant while paragraph 4.5 is an anomalous allegation designed only to circumvent the evidences at hand and make it appear that (i) there was no conspiracy and that the THREE HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION PESOS (P350,000,000.00) LBP loan is advantageous to the Provincial Government when in truth, it was not;

    2.1 For instance, respondents Hil Benedict G. Manzanades and Renato G. Eje said in paragraph 4.5 mentioned in their Counter Affidavit, they sent a second letter to Governor Lee dated March 30, 2011 with an offer of interest rate of 5.061% as a result of recent movement of rates in the financial market (See paragraph 4.5 of the Joint Counter-Affidavit of Hil Benedict G. Manzanades and Renato G. Eje);

    “4.5 The Land Bank-LC, thru respondent Manzanades, sent its first offer letter on March 07, 2011 offering an interest rate of 7.0% and the second one on March 30, 2011 with an interest rate of 5.061% as a result of recent movement of rates in the financial market. The said letter of Land Bank dated March 07, 2011 states that all other charges shall be waived.”

    2.2 With all due respect, the alleged letter contains no receipt of the Office of the Governor. In fact, in Annex “6” of the Joint Counter-Affidavit of Manzanades and Eje, undersigned complainant brought to the attention of the respondents that I was asking for the letter-proposals of the PNB and LBP but this Annex “5” of the Joint Counter-Affidavit of Messrs. Manzanades and Eje was not among those submitted even to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (See paragraph 1 item 1 of the Annex “6”);

    “During the last Regular Session April 11, 2011 there was an overwhelming majority (SPM Benito L. Doma, SPM Berand Hao, SPM Angel E. Escandor, SPM Arnulfo L. Perete, SPM Rebecca D. Aquino, SPM Francisco G. Frivaldo, SPM Renato V. Guban, SPM Franco Eric O. Ravanilla and SPM Nelson Marana) except the undersigned who voted in favor of the Committee Report no.27-2011 of the Committee on Budget and Appropriation joint with the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Amendments in favor of a measure authorizing Gov. Raul R. Lee to enter into a loan agreement to any banking/lending institution in the amount of P350.0 million loan and disregarding my valid objection, on the following grounds:

    1. There is still a pending motion referred to the said joint Committee to tackle the undersigned letter dated April 2, 2011 requesting for copies of the letter proposals from both the Philippine National Bank and the Land Bank of the Philippinesmitted and received, Governor Lee would not have made a letter dated May 17, 2011 (Annex “K” of my Complaint) addressed to Vice Governor Antonio H. Escudero submitting the proposed Loan Agreement from the Philippine National Bank (PNB) for perusal, review and ratification as well as the proposed PNB Loan Agreement requested by the Governor to be ratified (Annex “L” of my Complaint);

    2.4 Even granting without admitting that Annex “5” of the Joint Counter-Affidavit of Messrs. Manzanades and Eje was submitted, the allegations in paragraph 4.5 that all charges shall be waived according to Annex “4” are NOT CORRECT. Review of Annexes “4” of the Joint Counter-Affidavit reveal the truth.

    “Fees : 1% handling and ½ % commitment fees, inspection, and appraisal/application fees are waived. Pre-payment fee of 3% shall also be waived but it shall be collected in case of loan take-out by other banks and if required by special financing program.”

    2.5 Worst, when the two (2) Loan Agreement (Term Loan 13 and Omnibus Loan Term) with LBP was executed, all these fees that should have been waived but are actually still included in Section 5 of the Loan Agreement (Term Loan 13) of Annex “14” and Section 5 of Omnibus Loan Term of Annex “15”, as follows:

    Loan Agreement (Term Loan 13)

    “Section 5. Other Fees and Charges: Subject to a 3% pre-payment penalty in case of loan take out by other banks or as required by the Special Funder. Commitment handling, filing/processing & appraisal/inspection fees are waived unless required by Special Funder. GRT for the account of the LGU.”


    Omnibus Loan Term

    “Section 5. Fees/Charges. Commitment, handling, filing/processing and appraisal/inspection fees are waived unless required by Special Funder. The LOAN shall be subject to a pre-payment penalty of three percent (3%) In case of loan take-out by other banks or if required by Special Funder.”

    2.6 What about the alleged offer of 5.061% by Respondent Hil Benedict G. Manzanades Department Manager/Head, Legazpi LC contained in the letter dated March 30, 2011, marked as Annex “5” in their Joint Counter-Affidavit, the same has never happened, on Section 4 of the Loan Agreement (Term Loan 13) of Annex “14” and Omnibus Term Loan of Annex “15” provides thus:

    Loan Agreement (Term Loan 13)

    “Section 4. Interest: Prevailing prime rate at the time of availment plus 1% min. spread, provided a minimum of 3% Account Profitability Rate (APR) is met. Subject to quarterly repricing or at applicable special financing rate if special funds is accessed.


    Omnibus Term Loan

    “Section 4. Interest Rate/s. Interest of the LOAN shall be equivalent to LENDER’S prevailing prime rate at the time of availment at applicable special financing rates, if funded under special financing program. Gross Receipt Tax (GRT) shall be for account of the BORROWER.

    2.7 Respondent Manzanades offer of 5.061% has become an illusion. It is no longer found in any of the two LBP Loan Agreements (marked in the Annexes “14” and “15” of the Joint Counter-Affidavit of Messrs. Manzanades and Eje) both signed by Respondent Governor Lee and Respondent LBP Vice President Renato G. Eje.

    Unfortunately, Respondents Gov. Raul R. Lee, Vice Gov. Antonio H. Escudero, Board Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan namely Rebecca D. Aquino, Fernando David H. Duran III, Arnulfo L. Perete, Franco Eric O. Ravanilla, Angel E. Escandor, Benito L. Doma, Bernard H. Hao, Patrick Q. Rodrigueza did not exert effort nor initiated action to secure a concessional interest rates lower than the prevailing interest rates set by the Central Bank’s standard reference rate, thereby violating Article 395 paragraph C of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Local Government Code (R.A. 7160) which provides thus:

    “Government financial and other lending institutions are authorized to grant Local Government Units such loans, credit lines, advances, and other forms of indebtedness for projects and purposes referred in paragraph (B) hereof, preferably at concessional interest rates lower than the prevailing rates as may be authorized by the governing board of the financial or lending institution.

    Prevailing rates shall mean the Central Bank standard reference rate for medium-and long-term loans.”

    3. With their admissions on their Counter-Affidavits and Omnibus Joint Counter Affidavits’ of Respondents Gov. Lee, Vice Gov. Escudero, Board Members Aquino, Duran, Perete, Ravanilla, Escandor, Doma, Hao and Rodrigueza about the truth regarding the existence of the PNB proposal (marked as Annex “J” of my Complaint) and the fact that the latter was the one most advantageous to the Provincial Government an offense for violation of Section 3(a and g) of R.A. No. 3019 was indeed committed, thus:

    Section 3. Corrupt practices of public officers. In addition to acts or omissions of public officers already penalized by existing law, the following shall constitute corrupt practices of any public officer and are hereby declared to be unlawful:
    (a) Persuading, inducing or influencing another public officer to perform an act constituting a violation of rules and regulations duly promulgated by competent authority or an offense in connection with the official duties of the latter, or allowing himself to be persuaded, induced, or influenced to commit such violation or offense.
    (g) Entering, on behalf of the Government, into any contract or transaction manifestly and grossly disadvantageous to the same, whether or not the public officer profited or will profit thereby.

    4. Indeed, with the admission of the truth that the PNB proposal of five percent (5%) is most advantageous than 5.061% of LBP but was never acted upon by the Provincial Government and by the Respondents, the evidence of guilt of respondents are strong enough to warrant immediate preventive suspension from the office.

    5. The undersigned would like to respectfully reiterate that in a Letter dated July 5, 2012 (marked as Annex “N” in my Complaint) of Dominador O. Jardin, Prov’l. Gov’t. Dept. Head of the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO), addressed to the undersigned complainant, he stated that his Office could NOT come upon any feasibility study of the list of projects such as roads, bridges, buildings, farm to market roads and tourism facilities funded in the P350,000,000.00 LBP loan from available existing records. These only shows that the PPDO officer nor his office was made a part of the official action of the provincial government to come up with the decision to justify and substantiate the loan application for some “priority projects“ of respondents.

    6. Worst, based on the Letter dated June 1, 2012 (marked as Annex “V” in my Complaint) of Provincial Treasurer Efilda C. Nogales and Provincial Accountant Mercedes J. Ativo duly noted by Respondent Gov. Lee, the Provincial Government had ALREADY PAID an amount of SEVENTY TWO MILLION NINE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED FORTY EIGHT PESOS AND SIXTY ONE CENTAVOS (P72,925, 948.61) to various contractors.

    In sum, the THREE HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION PESOS (P350,000,000.00) LBP Loan resulted in grave irreparable damage and prejudice to the Sorsogon taxpayers.

    In view of the said acts of Respondents Gov. Raul R. Lee, Vice Gov. Antonio H. Escudero, Board Members Rebecca D. Aquino, Fernando Dave H. Duran III, Arnulfo L. Perete, Franco Eric O. Ravanilla, Angel E. Escandor, Benito L. Doma, Bernard H. Hao and Patrick Q. Rodrigueza, they should also be held liable for violation of Section 2 of Republic Act No. 7080 or “An Act Defining and Penalizing the Crime of Plunder, thus:

    Section 2. Definition of the Crime of Plunder; Penalties – Any public officer who, by himself or in connivance with members of his family, relatives by affinity or consanguinity, business associates, subordinates or other persons, amasses, accumulates or acquires ill-gotten wealth through a combination or series of overt criminal acts as described in Section 1 (d) hereof in the aggregate amount or total value of at least Fifty million pesos (P50,000,000.00) shall be guilty of the crime of plunder and shall be punished by reclusion perpetua to death. Any person who participated with the said public officer in the commission of an offense contributing to the crime of plunder shall likewise be punished for such offense. In the imposition of penalties, the degree of participation and the attendance of mitigating and extenuating circumstances, as provided by the Revised Penal Code, shall be considered by the court. The court shall declare any and all ill-gotten wealth and their interests and other incomes and assets including the properties and shares of stocks derived from the deposit or investment thereof forfeited in favor of the State.

    WHEREFORE, premises considered, Complainant respectfully prays of the Honorable Office to institute the appropriate charges against Respondents and in the meantime order their immediate preventive suspension from the office;

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this 12th day of February 2013 at Quezon City, Philippines.


    SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 12th day of February 2013 at Quezon City, Philippines. Affiant exhibited to me his Driver’s License bearing number 3-90-102197 containing his picture and signature as competent evidence of his person.


  24. nonoestur says:

    Sir, add ko tabi kamo sa blogroll ko ha? Okay lang?

  25. Rica says:

    ikaw po ba ang heas ng sm savemore? thanx

  26. Rica says:

    i mean head

  27. Mia B. says:

    Good day sir! I’m a history major from De La Salle University po. I am currently researching on the governors, congressmen/representatives of Sorsogon from the early American period up to the present (2016) and I hope to make a comprehensive list on this. It is for my internship as a research assistant for my professor who is a native of Sorsogon. May I ask for some recommendations (credible sources, information) to which I can gather and accomplish this? Thank you for your consideration.

    • sorsogoncity says:

      HI Mia,

      Have u checked the blog, I have a few list. I think it’s only until late 60s (the list came from a historical research of Sorsogon during the late Gov. Frivaldo’s time). I do know that after him Gov. Lee (and his son, Bobbet Lee, starting July) and the late Gov. Arnedo became governors of the province. However, I don’t have the exact period, neither I plan to do research about them.

      Because of your message, I am forced (encouraged) to publish my researched articles on a couple of Sorsogon governors.

      By the way, you can look for the book – A History of the Bikol Region by Jaime T. Malanyaon – it should help you on the history of Sorsogon.

      For the Congressmen, I suggest you research at the House of Congress.

      I hope that helps.


  28. Darius says:

    I am just curious, is the Sorsogon Museum still open or it already fell into decay due to neglect? I have never been there and would appreciate if you could write something about it. Thanks!

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Darius,

      Currently, it’s temp closed. I also mentioned its status on one of the blog articles in passing since I just heard it via the grapevine.

      I never get to start writing about the museum. But if I remember it correctly, it has displays of the astillero in Pilar and an archeologic find in Bacon (can’t remember what it was). It showcased the Butanding in Donsol. It also has a small library with complete collection of Mr. and Mrs. and MOD Magazine. These were donations from Eugenia Apostol, sister of the late Mayor Fernando Duran Jr.

      On my previous visit, they were also selling bicol-published books. Sadly, I never bought one; and when I came back this year – they stopped selling already.

      But once it opens again, I might make one.


    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Darius,

      For some reason, the museum article doesn’t exist. But I am just browsing older comments and found one https://sorsogoncity.wordpress.com/2010/01/03/sorsogon-provincial-museum-and-heritage-center/ posted almost 10 years ago.


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