Exploring Sorsogon – Rimpulas (Part 2)

Rimpulas have been a fave spot by the Sorsoganons, and even those who are not living in the city. Its memories span several decades. And it has evolved from a garbage dumping site a couple of decades ago, to what it is now – Bay Walk.

Rimpulas Now

People enjoying Rimpulas. The kiosks constructed during the late 90's can be seen on the background.

During the time of former Mayor Sally Lee, Rimpulas was beautified with several kiosks built. The locales call it Baywalk, I guess, taken from the same name of the section in Roxas Boulevard where bars and recreations were built temporarily during former Mayor Atienza’s administration (later on it was removed by the incumbent Mayor Lim).

The garbage dump isn’t there anymore. Perhaps because of the removal of the garbage dump, people started dropping by, especially in early morning or in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunrise and sunset respectively.

Vandalized Pili.

Vendors on wheels are allowed to sell their wares, mostly snacks and freshly fried fishballs or squid balls. This is very convenient with the visitors. In my opinion, the place may not be ready yet for permanent restos or fastfood until such time the waste can be processed before it go directly to the bay. Furthermore, having these vendors provide some income to the vendors.

BFAR has its own station on a makeshift office. Its patrol boat can be seen on the background.

A breakwater was built or it may be the perimeter of the Sorsogon Business and Leisure Park (refer to the last section).

Rimpulas of the Future

Rimpulas is to be part of the Sorsogon Business and Leisure Park1. It’s a development that includes the Pinaculan Island. The proposed Sorsogon Business and Leisure Park is a 2-hectare reclamation area linking the 3-hectare Pinaculan Island to the Sorsogon Pier in Sorsogon Bay, forming part of the expansion area of the Sorsogon City’s central business district. The area shall have a rock causeway and seawall, complete with wide and well-paved roads, underground electrical and telephone systems and water supply. Low, medium and high density zones shall be identified for business establishments, plants and factories, including a central park.

Rimpulas has evolved significantly in the last 20 years or so. I believe, it’s the responsibility of the locales, with the help of the local government, to plan out the next step for Rimpulas and the nearby areas. Each decision will have consequences – and the latter is very important in decision-making, because that can decide what systemic, not systematic, structure the local populace really want to achieve.

Author’s note: The part 1 of this article was published last week.


1Sorsogon Business Opportunities

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