2013 Series

[11122013 1041H]

In the last several days, I didn’t have much time to watch the news; though I was fully aware of the destructions that Yolanda left along its trail. It was only last night that I had the time to watch the news and this morning to read the moring papers – it was just heart wrenching!

This morning, I had a chance to reflect about what I’ve seen.

Such natural disasters are just becoming too common nowadays. Scary…

[05142013 2050H]

The whole election thingy messed up with the site’s stats – 2,000 hits on a single day – just because I reposted 3 news articles, and another article about my opinion on the partial election result in our beloved province.

Apparently, there’s a high interest on the result of the provincial election.

Interesting spike…

[04102013 1841H]

website is down

website is down (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I just found out today that the websites – http://www.sorsogontourism.com and http://www.gotosorsogoncity.com – are already down. The former served as my inspiration to come up with a website that hosts to different content about Sorsogon City, and now it’s gone.

From what I know, I am definite with the http://www.gotosorsogoncity.com, both were owned by persons related to local government officials.

I even composed a 2-article review of the http://www.sorsogontourism.com hoping that the admin will take notice of some area for improvements. I am still thinking of publishing it for others who are hosting websites. Though, I am not an expert, but I will never know if it will add value or not until I post it. Just thinking out loud.

On another side, one organizer sent me an email on February if I can post their art-related event (last April 6-7). Of all emails I receive, this is the one that I missed! Honestly, I was a bit discouraged when I received two requests that are politically motivated. So I never checked my inbox diligently; worse, this is what I recommended how to improve the websites – provide a comment section and ensure to reply back on a timely manner.

It’s embarrassing that I never, or at least not that frequently, posted original content in the last 3 months. I missed the opportunity to showcase my beloved town (yes, I can’t still let go of the fact that it doesn’t exist anymore!). I have tons of backlog (Tina, I still owe you on your dad’s article), including pictures that date back 2 years ago. The good thing is that I am now trying to get that groove back, including posting articles about Quezon Street (next time it will be about Burgos St.), Angie’s Bahay Minindalan and my disappointment on the sorsogon websites.

Salamatunon pa man gihapun tabi sa suporta nindo intiro! Kun dili saindo, dili ko man ini gigibuhon!

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