2017 Series

[August 26, 2017 1635H]

This year, we haven’t been to Sorsogon yet and there’s no plan for the rest of the year. I realized that the same routine cannot be maintained and will depend on the priorities of the family, even considering that I am married to a Sorsoganon.

As usual I have a lot of pending articles and pictures to be posted, but remains pending. What I do appreciate is the fact that this blog still has visitors and a few would leave messages.

The good thing is, I found the collection of Sorsogon Bay pictures. Early January 2015, I hired a kumpit in rempeolas for PHP800. From the port, we went to Brgy. Talisay up to the mouth of Cawayan river. The bad news is I can’t remember which barangay is which picture! Oh well, can’t win them all.

My wife’s cousin whom we met last summer told us about additional Jollibee branch on the former place of Robertson’s Department Store. The former UCPB, corner Rizal and Magsaysay streets, is now McDonald’s branch – the first one in the province. And I heard that the Kentucky Fried Chicken has a branch in Gaisano mall along Magsaysay street (I think this is the former Caltex station).

Definitely a lot of pictures that need to be taken to document the old Sorsogon before it fades away.