Visiting the (Under Construction) SSC’s College of Engineering, circa December 2018

The road to the SSC‘s Engineering Department. This is located on the left side going to Bacon district, between Sitio San Lorenzo and diversion at Brgy. San Isidro.


One of the buildings still under construction, circa Dec’18.


2020-05-03 MTB Coffee Break

SSC Engineering campus is the fave spot to take a break.


The author’s bike parked at the end of the road. The college of engineering is being built near an unnamed river.

The author’s MTB, is an old 2015 Trinx DVR100 (not in production anymore). Most of the parts are still stock parts, except for the handlebar (MountainPeak), hubs (Ragusa), tired (26″ x 2.25″), casette (Shuriken) and RD/shifters (LTwoo A5). Most of the time it’s used for cycling than hitting the trail.

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