Going Into the 4th Week of Quarantine…

Screencapture of our team’s video call. We do this every week.

Since we went into a quarantine, I make it a point that I have a video call with my team back in Manila. We started working remote a week before the announcement, and our boss set the expectations that most likely the government will announce a community quarantine – and it did. So here I am, in Sorsogon for a different reason and got carried away by the tide of Covid-19. Not that I am complaining, rather, I am thankful that I am with my family. And I am now able to spend more time on my Sorsogon blog (I moved all my summer-related articles for next year!).


Aside from my remote work (much longer than a regular working day), I would cook for the family. We don’t have a house keeper on Sundays, and my youngest’s nanny is still in the hospital taking care of her daughter, so I prepared breakfast (busted poached egg on a sliced bread with slice of ham and lettuce) and lunch (shrimp cooked in tomato sauce). I ruined a medium rare steak for lunch, but for some reasons my daughter liked it. Though I think it was a low quality beef. I really need to get my beef directly from the butcher. Soon…

My daughter would wash the dishes, and today she also washed pans and pots (she didn’t before). On our first week, I coached her on some volleyball drills in the front yard. That was really tiring and still yet to follow through with a next session. She also watched how to remove remaining rice husks – she wanted to try but stopped her, lest she spills the rice grains than the husks. But she stayed there for a couple of minutes and watched how the house keeper did it. I am also looking forward when my daughter plants kamoteng kahoy in the yard. Most likely this will be tomorrow or on Tuesday.

My youngest is just busy walking in the living room, or in the garage. She’s a happy kid, so she’s not really hard to take care of. She loves lying down on the floor, and would always bring her favorite pillow with her. Of course, she couldn’t avoid hitting her head on something, falling on the ground, and getting bitten by mosquitos (a lot!). Also lately, she’s becoming more clingy with her mom. I think this is a sign of normal development of a kid. She’s just adjusting to our home just fine.

My wife also started reporting to the hospital, aside from taking care of our youngest. In a few instances, I would join her so that she can drive me to the supermarket (I know, technically it’s not allowed). That’s our (risky) date.

I learned how to ground pepper using mortar and pestle. I can’t find any pepper grinder in SM Savemore. I do enjoy doing this the old fashioned way.

But last time, we were not comfortable anymore – people are still out on the street, it’s like a less busier Sundays. For one, our house keeper who goes to plasa could buy the veggies for us. We don’t need a lot since we have a small refrigerator. Furthermore, mobile vendors are plying our place – taho, kutsinta, biko, puto, seafoods (we missed the crab vendor earlier today!). Instead of losing weight, everyone is gaining. And yesterday, a vendor delivered a couple of LPG tanks and they will deliver medium-sized eggs tomorrow.

Our family is getting used to this setup. The more difficult part once this outbreak settles down, because soon I have to go back to Manila without them.

This is my nook most of the time. Even with the bed beside it, I still end up working longer hours.

My afternoon office nook, enjoying the breeze. This is mixing business with pleasure.

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