Dealing with Emergency during ECQ

Earlier today, the daughter of our house keeper started to throw up. It was normal for her, though she wouldn’t eat anymore. And tonight, my wife found out that she threw up almost 10 times already and is dehydrated. She doesn’t have a fever yet, but she looks weak. So my wife suggested that we bring her to the hospital to hydrate.

Our house keeper chose Sorsogon Provincial Hospital.

I was a bit worried since we decided to bring her to the ER around 8pm, just 1 hour away from the curfew. I was a bit hesitant, even suggesting that my wife drives them since she’s a doc. But my wife asked me, are you going to let me drive back alone? That simply settled it.

My worry was the checkpoints, imagining that they are manned by the police and military. There’s so many checkpoints that they shoot first before asking questions later. I was so wrong. The checkpoints are manned by the barangay tanods. When approaching the first checkpoint, I dimmed my lights and rolled down the window. My wife explained that we are bringing a patient to the hospital. They simply waved us to pass through.

The drugstore infront of the provincial hospital is still open even during the curfew.

I almost missed the policemen in the corner of Magsaysay and Alegre Streets. They were sitting on the rotonda. But they never bothered; one just stared on our vehicle but didn’t react. I turned right to Alegre Street and headed straight. There was another checkpoint – also manned by the tanods of Brgy. Burabod. They suggested I take the highway instead of passing through Flores Street. And so I did.

When I turned right to AH26, I pressed on the gas. We were in the provincial hospital in no time. We never got off the car, and stayed on the center gate of the hospital to be sure that they are taken cared off. Within 10m, the nurse approached us and asked if we were from Manila – she just wanted to be sure that we didn’t infect the patient. She was all business, until I broke the ice – I said, send my regards to doc…. She laughed and relaxed. Afterwards, we left them.

The new wing of Dr. Fernando Duran Sr. Hospital is well lighted at night.

On our way back, I was explaining to my wife what my anxiety was – she reminded me that I didn’t want to join her earlier. One of those lapses….

Strange though, the 7-11 branch at Brgy. Cogon is still open! But not the branch near Shopping Center.

The drive back was a breeze. We saw a couple of teens, not wearing masks, in front of Camp Escudero; a middle aged man in a mask near Mila’s Store along Magsaysay Street, and other folks on the street that didn’t resemble a tanod. But who knows. We even saw a teen ager in a parked tricycle in the check point with no mask on.

The courteous behavior of the tanods are commendable as well. I guess the exec order from Gov. Chiz Escudero helps. On one hand, it may be because the tanods are also residents of the barangay, and they know the sentiments of their fellow residents.

I do admire these folks in the frontline – medical personnel or not, tanods or janitors – they keep the society going.

Mabuhay po kamo gabos!

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