They Have Something in Common – Licup Hall, Petron and Robertson’s

On the corner of De Vera and Rizal Streets, BDO, SM Savemore and Jollibee stand. But before BDO and SM Savemore, it was part of Licup Hall of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral. Licup Hall is now part of the rear section of SM Savemore, and was connected to the priests’ quarters. The said hall was a function hall and could still remember attending a religion-related activity.

Meanwhile, the front of BDO and SM Savemore was once a gas station, Petron – one of the 3 or 4 gas stations back in the 80s. Also, it’s where the zero kilometer marker was located. Apparently, the marker was moved to Brgy. Balogo.

BDO, SM Savemore and the 2nd Jollibee branch are not the original residents of the area. These places are former gas station, department store and part of the cathedral.

And the 2nd branch of Jollibee, it was Robertson’s Department Store. The said department store came from Naga City, and I suspect was named after the department store owned by the Gokongweis. This Jollibee branch is the only one with the drive-thru service, unlike the first branch at LKY building.

Robertson’s Department Store a year before it closed and eventually became Jollibee, circa Nov’2010

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2 Responses to They Have Something in Common – Licup Hall, Petron and Robertson’s

  1. Francisco de Leon says:

    Before it was the Petron Gas Station, it was the basketball court for the Boys Department, Colegio de la Milagrosa.

  2. Sorsogon City says:

    Thank you, sir! An naabutan ko lang tabi an Petron station, and the zero kilometer marker. Dili ko tabi aram na may boy’s department an CM sadto, let alone an basketball court sa dating petron.

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