Sorsogon’s Apostles

Just watching the apostles (that if I could see them at all) being covered and dark, is just saddening. I don’t claim to be religious, but I do know respect. And comparing the two pictures below is just appalling how the drive to generate funds for the church went awry. And I thought it was bad back 2010.

When the commercial building was built on the old parking lot of the cathedral, I overheard the oldies said about the blasphemous actions of the diocesan. And you have to remember, this was in the late 80s. And the going story then was the diocesan lacked the funds. But really, after turning Licup Hall into SM Savemore, can’t the church afford some lightings for this part of the church?

Admittedly, it’s dark when this picture is taken. However, the lack of respect on the church is just quite obvious.


The apostles, surrounded by commercial buildings. Circa Dec’10.

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