Camp Salvador Escudero Sr.

The camp is one of the oldest establishment in the city, and is located along Magsaysay Street. It’s named after the late Gurang, Salvador Escudero Sr. – one of the Sorsogon Governor and local guerilla leader. It was a former Spanish fort, thus, was once called kuartel (I am still looking for the article where I read this). It was a former Japanese camp, and according to my paternal grandmother, Sorsogonanons would bow down to the Japanese sentries back in the war. And I grew up knowing it was the PC-INP camp, until it became PNP camp on 1991 when the former was dissolved and replaced by the latter.

I could still remember in the early 80s when the NPA was its strongest. Encounters were common in the southern part of the province (Brgy. Payawin of Gubat always comes to my mind, but you also have encounters in Magallanes, Irosin and Bulusan). The PC put up a machine gun nest on the left side of the camp’s gate, covered with netting; I could still remember vividly, the machine gun was a 0.30 cal type with perforated barrel. It stayed there for several years, and in some cases, it seemed unguarded with the gun waiting for its target. And when there’s an encounter, it would always be busy; in some cases, V-150 would be exiting the camp towards the rebel infested area. And in a few instances, UH-1H of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) would be landing at the middle of the camp.

The fence of Camp Escudero or Kwartel to the oldies is a mural for students. Circa Mar’18.

I also played tennis inside the camp, just behind the fence on the left side of the camp, near Magsaysay Street. Sadly, it’s all gone.

The PNP provincial building is completed, while the tennis court is also gone. Circa Dec’18.

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