Legazpi Domestic Airport circa Oct’13

Legazpi Domestic Airport (IATA LGP) is one of the memorable places during my childhood days. I was 6 or 7 years old when I took the flight to Manila all by myself. And there was a time, the first flight out of Manila was called bulilit flight which I really don’t know why considering all flights were taken by BAC-111 plane.

And when we would check in, a neighbor (son of Papa Fojas) would assist us; he works for the airport or Philippine Airlines. And the best part was when Auntie Alice or Tita Che will take us to the Mayon Airport Canteen. There’s nothing special with this place except it was the only eatery beside the airport. In some cases, you dine with the politicians who were also waiting for their flight.

The last time I took the plane to Sorsogon was on 2013. Since I am leaving in the Eastern part, it’s a pain braving the traffic to NAIA and wait for the delayed flight (although this has changed in the last 2 years I heard from my mom). I find it more convenient to take the sleeper bus from Cubao Terminal and sleep the 12-hour drive to Sorsogon. Admittedly, the bus can be more expensive if one is buying a plane ticket months in advance.

A PAL plane taxis on Legazpi Domestic Airport. Eventually, this airport will be moved to another location outside the city.

The newly renovated Daraga Airport – departure area.

The newly renovated Daraga Airport – Arrival area.

Newly renovated Daraga Airport – waiting area.

These canteens have been there since I started taking the plane back in the early 80s. If my memory serves me right, Mayon Airport Canteen is the oldest.

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