Subdivisions in Sorsogon town circa 1980s

I grew up in Brgy. Bibincahan, within Sts. Peter and Paul Ville Subdivision (aka  SPPVS or subdibisyon) specifically and stayed until I moved to Manila for college. And back then, there were only 3 subdivisions that I could remember – the subdivision where I grew up, Our Lady’s Village Bibincahan (simply Village to the locales) and Our Lady’s Village Pangpang (simply Pangpang back then because it’s the only subdivision on that area of town).

In my observation, both  OLV had better road than subdibisyon. I can’t remember when the local government started repairing the road of SPPVS. Back then, when it rained, the asphalt would easily be damaged and it took months to repair; and normally only the main road of subdibisyon would be repaired. The concreted portion are just the Gates 1 and 2; Gate 3 was infamous for deep potholes back in the 80s. And the intersecting roads of Gates 1 and 2 have humps, which the only humps I could remember in Sorsogon.

And when you say Bibincahan back then, people have the perception that it’s far (about 1.5km from banwa) due to low number of tricycles plying the route or expensive if you want to hire for yourself; more expensive if it’s after 7pm. Of course, people though Pangpang  is farther (it is, around 3 to 4 km from banwa).

And the only time I was able to figure out the street naming of OLV Bibincahan when I was in college. That’s another story for another time.

Then small subdivisions sprouted in Roro, then in Balogo (near Mahingan). But these are in the early 90s.

I started to reminisce because of the article on Camella Sorsogon, which I only hear from my tito/tita from Manila.

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