Worst Drive to Sorsogon

At 4am today, we arrived from a 22-hour drive from Manila. Not the longest trip (the longest was 24 hours 20 years ago when a river in Camarines Norte overflowed on the bridge), but definitely the worst!

It all started when we picked up of my father in Paranaque – traffic was building up in SLEX; upon checking Waze, heavy traffic could be seen in Bicutan, Alabang and Calamba interchanges. After picking up my dad, I decided to take the road less travelled – via Pililla-Cavinti-Luisana-Tayabas route. Everything went well until we were approx. 10km away from Gumaca. I think it took us an hour and a half to reach Gumaca, and nothing was different or any traffic incidents in Gumaca! I was confident I could still clear Andaya highway before sundown. Then we hit heavy traffic in Lopez – took us 2 hours to clear Lopez-Calauag area! I knew we will arrive at midnight.
I was still hopeful until we were 20km away from AH26 corner Andaya Highway in Sipocot – we were stuck for 3 hours! When we got through, I estimated 5km of traffic trail on the other end, mostly buses going up north.

Quezon National Park in Atimonan, Quezon. A favorite stop for road travellers.

And since it was almost midnight when we cleared Andaya highway, we were driving very slow because we had to stop from time to time to get a nap or have my dad drive while I take a nap.
I knew I will be taking the Daet route when I go back to Manila this week.

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2 Responses to Worst Drive to Sorsogon

  1. Frank DeLeon says:

    Good you arrived safely. The existing roads just can’t keep up with the volume of traffic. Enjoy your All Saints and All Souls days. You earned it!


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