Bernardino Monreal (Sorsogon Governor – 1908 to 1909)

Bernardino Monreal of Casiguran is a physician by profession. He has the distinction of the first elected Provincial Governor of Sorsogon under the American Regim e after Sorsogon had acquired its independence from Albay as a province. Among the major accomplishments of the late Bernardino was the construction of the Provincial High School concrete building. This was another tourist attraction here in Sorsogon before the Pacific War. In grateful acknowledgement of the varoius improvements introduced by Governor Monreal, one town in the island of Ticao was named after him. The province of Masbate then, including the island of Ticao, was part of Sorsogon province.

Presently, a street in Sorsogon City is named after him.

Source: p471, Philippines: A History of the Bikol Region, Jaime T. Malanyaon, AMS Press, 1991

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