Orosipon: De Vera circa 1952

Sorsogon City received an email from Alfred Yrastorza after encountering the article on the De Vera house. Apparently, his father lived here and it also confirmed the story being told that it was a warehouse before. Here’s the content of his email:

I was born in this house 1952, My Father lived here and was working in Cocacola. After he was assigned in Naga.

From my knowledge (i)t was occupied by a certain Abelardo Zuniga also working in Cocacola San Miguel brewery

They have larged rooms uptairs with wide windows (Kapiz-sliding) nce in early 60’s thru Mr. Zuniga it was made a lounging place for Bacs Meet for Colehalas of CSI and NPS (Naga Parochial). Then my Dad already experienced paranormal activities there and in an expansion project he said they excavated a coffin  which looked like a child , who must have died young.  In fact, those days 1951-52 , the area which was by the bay avoided passing there as they could see an old woman in a rocking chair in the  veranda. I am not sure of the late Senator Devera were the original owners though. I a(m) glad to share this as part of heritage files for Sorsogon.


The De Vera house back in 1952. Photo is courtesy of Mr. Alfred Yrastorza.

Salamatunon tabi sa impormasyun, Mr. Yrastorza!

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2 Responses to Orosipon: De Vera circa 1952

  1. Thanks very much for the posting and acknowledgement. Similarly I would share a rare photo of the DeLa Siera Building in Legaspi City. Which I read was due for demolition as well. Too bad.

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