[Updated] D’Best Department Store Hasn’t Change a Bit

I remember 2 department stores back in the early 80s – Good Luck and D’Best – both along Magsaysay Street and just less than 500m apart. But I remember D’Best the most – this is where I got my 1st and only bike – a BMX. I also purchased several bike parts to upgrade my unit. There was a time that it was selling patches that one has to iron on the shirt and they offered military-like patches. My cousins from Manila would buy these patches one summer.

It’s mostly known for its BMX bikes then.

I found a pix of the said store. The facade of the store hasn’t changed as far as I can remember.

D’Best Department Store, one of the couples of department store back in the 80s. It’s building hasn’t change a bit. Circa Dec’18.

D’Best on Dec’04.

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3 Responses to [Updated] D’Best Department Store Hasn’t Change a Bit

  1. Frank de Leon says:

    Hi SC:
    Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Is D’Best store located at the right hand side of Magsaysay street going towards Rizal street?
    Am trying to picture Sorsogon City as it is now, as compared to when I was growing up many moons ago. I have a sneaking suspicion, I won’t see my old town again before I kick the bucket.

    Take care,

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Happy New Year!

      Tama ka tabi, it’s in the right towards Rizal St. The picture is pointing towards Shopping Center (now SM SaveMore).

      I still have more pix of the town center to be uploaded. I am sure that will bring back old memories.

  2. sorsogoncity says:

    Interesting, I talked to owner of one of the bike shops that popped out in the city. And he knew that D’Best is selling MTBs and BMX even long time ago. He’s wondering why they never invested and grew the MTB business.

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