Binaha Kami Niyan – Bagyong Glenda

I called my mom to say, hi, and also check her status in Brgy. Bibincahan, Sorsogon City. It was around 530pm. She told me that the water was rising and the level was above her ankle already. Considering that our house is a bit elevated relative to the road, that means, it’s really flooded (initially, I thought because of the leak in the roof).

Luckily, a kasambahay is with her as of this writing. They are busy lifting stuff to higher place to avoid getting soaked.

So far, this is the worst typhoon that hit our area. The last flooding of our area that I could remember was during Bagyong Sisang. But the water never even reached our house’s flooring.

Is it really the amount of rainfall or our environment is really messed up? Or both?

Ingat tabi an nasa agihan san bagyo.

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