Rare Eagles released in Sorsogon


Philippine Hawk Eagle.Nakakita na ako sadi sa chancery san cathedral. Image is via noypicollections.blogapot.com

SORSOGON, Sorsogon—The Energy Development Corp. Bacon-Manito Geothermal Project or BacMan released two Philippine Serpent Eagles and a Philippine Hawk Eagle into the wild in celebration of World Environment Day on Wednesday.

The eagles, an endangered species, were released in EDC’s geothermal reservation in Sorsogon, a wildlife protected area under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The Serpent Eagles were rescued by EDC from traps set up by hunters and were nurtured back to health by EDC BacMan’s environmental team.

The Hawk Eagle was turned over to the EDC by the Sorsogon Provincial Environment and Natural Resource Office.


Philippine Serpent Eagle. Image via wikipedia.org

EDC’s BacMan plant continues to uphold its green model status by spearheading environmentally-themed interactive activities in Albay and Sorsogon.

EDC BacMan employees planted 50 seedlings of premium and endangered native tree species. These seedlings will be included in EDC’s BINHI Reforestation Program which aims to restore 10,000 hectares in 10 years.

The seedlings will be counted in the National Greening Program of the DENR. EDC BacMan employees also took part in “E2E” or Energy-to-Environment Challenge, an obstacle course with ecologically-themed mental and physical tasks.

“We will continue to initiate and support projects that will promote environmental sustainability and awareness,” Jay Soriano, head of EDC Bacman, said.

The EDC BacMan Geothermal Reservation covers 25,000 hectares of protected forest area and is a recognized model of sustainable development for successfully harmonizing its 130-MW geothermal power operations with environmental protection.


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