City Life vs Provincial Living

Coconut farmers bringing their produce from the hills of Sorsogon City. They do this daily, rain or shine.

Coconut farmers bringing their produce from the hills of Sorsogon City. They do this daily, rain or shine.

This is a heart-breaking story, but does drive a point that it can better to live in the province than to go for the big dream in the city.

San nag-sideline ako sa mga saro na eskwelahan sa Sorsogon, ginhaput ko an mga estudyante kung pira sa inda an batit san parauma. Almost a third of the class raised their hands. Ginahput ko sinda nano kay Information Technology  an gusto ninda matapos na kurso – kay damu kuno an gin kikita. 

I told them that how lucky they are to be family of farmers – not all are successful in the IT field. Heck, it’s like the elusive American dream that everyone tries to go for. San ginsabi ko idto, an mga bayhun san mga estudyante bagan dili makapaniwala. Siguro, gin isip ninda na buang buang lang ako.

Rappler’s story is not new.  In my opinion, we need agriculture more than ever considering the fact that the area of agricultural land is decreasing due to increasing population. Furthermore, farmer tend to flock to the city for a better life – pati an mga parauma, nauubos man.

I fully understand that it’s not as simple as that, nonetheless, I still hope that our farmers realize that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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2 Responses to City Life vs Provincial Living


    The poor farmers are still trapped in the crudest way of marketing their harvest, what is wrong with RURAL COOPERATIVE INITIATIVE ? I can not believe we are still so far behind in assisting these poor farmers. We can not improve the economic problems in Sorsogon if the farmers will remain without assistance from the Government. I really wish I could raise some funds for these poor farmers to help them improve their productions and make their lives a little bit better. GOD HELP THEM ! it’s so heartbreaking to know how miserable they are and their families in finding a way to survive.

  2. Frank de Leon says:

    Keep on hoping and dream on my friend. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for the poor, but tunnels and more tunnels as long as the powers that be in the Philippines spend those billions in NGOs’. Think of all those fire trucks, schools, bridges, roads and yes, the storied Bicol Express from Legaspi to Tutuban that would have been made possible by those billions politicians were given! I grew up in Sorsogon with no fire truck. How many do you have now?

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