Lewis calls for “people power” to resolve electric coop woes

Loida NIcolas Lewis. Image is via aralingpinoy.blogspot.com

Loida NIcolas Lewis. Image is via aralingpinoy.blogspot.com

LEGAZPI CITY, June 23 (PIA) – Filipino-American businesswoman Loida Nicolas-Lewis, who also hailed from Sorsogon province, has rallied her fellow Sorsoganons to mount a sort of “people power” movement to help resolve the woes faced by the Sorsogon II Electric Cooperative (Soreco II).

“I am calling on my fellow Sorsoganons to do a people power for Soreco II and push for a public and private partnership for its operations,” Lewis told the local media in a briefing Friday night and said in interviews of television and radio programs based in this city over the weekend.

Lewis urged member-consumers of the power cooperative to attend the special general assembly on July 12 to select the new members of the Ad-Hoc Election Committee (AHEC) which will administer the election for the new set of the board of directors which was moved to August 2.

Soreco II logo. Image is via bicoltoday.com

The present leadership of Soreco II drew flak from irate member–consumers and candidates with previous postponements of the election of the board.

Majority of the members of AHEC filed their resignations prior to the re-scheduled board polls last June 14. With sole AHEC member remaining, the management decided to defer the election on August 2.

Confusions also arose during general assembly last June 7 on controversial motion to amend the qualifications for the candidates to the board by allowing those who did not finish a college degree to run as candidate that divided the house.

Lewis meanwhile pushed for a new set of board of directors who will support for a public and private partnership for the electric utilities’ management.

“I already had an erlier talks with a power distribution firm that is willing to manage Soreco II,” Lewis confirmed.

However, Lewis clarified that the move is not for privatization of the electric cooperative wherein the private company will only run the operations of the coop to introduce reforms and corrective measures in its administrative and financial management and will not become as new owners of the utility, but the member – consumers will remain as owners.

“The objective is to make the coop viable with efficient electric service with lower rates,” Lewis added.

Lewis also assured the public that the move only intends to revamp the coop’s top management and the middle management team will be retained if they are proven free from corruption and inefficiencies.

Lewis is co-owner of some businesses in operating in Sorsogon such as the Fernando’s Hotel, Fernando’s Mall including The Lewis College. After her media sorties, Lewis had a meeting with Sorsogon’s top political leaders Saturday afternoon. Talks are circulating that the private firm that Lewis is endorsing is engaged in power distribution and telecommunications. (MAL/JJP-PIA5)
– See more at: http://news.pia.gov.ph/index.php?article=2591403492376#sthash.ZCCXWJW9.dpuf

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One Response to Lewis calls for “people power” to resolve electric coop woes

  1. alberto e. dimaano says:

    Atty. Loida Nicolas-Lewis‘s Pushing for Private-Public Partnership for the management of SORECO II’ operations.

    I support Ma’am Loida’s proposal if the true intention of this PPP move is just to revamp the top management of the power utility and weed out undesirable employees, especially if this is done expeditiously to stop the bleeding of the Coop’s funds and; provide efficient electric service and with the assurance of lower rates. However, for the member-consumers fully understand and buy the proposal, the interested private power firm has to submit first a draft of the operating guidelines or the blue print on how to achieve the primary objective of the partnership which is to lower the rates being charged to poor Sorsoganons and or course the fee.

    Nevertheless, based on my experience in the management of the mall operation, I’d rather push for the operating agreement by and between the SORECO II and private power firm and just charge for a monthly management fee. This is much simpler.

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