Baluko Chowder, Anyone?

Golden Bridge, San Francisco.

San Francisco always reminds me of their $5 cup of clam chowder. At first, it may sound expensive, but it was all worth it. Kay pan-o talagang may clams! Lain pareho didi sa kingdom of Manila na puro lang sabaw o patatas.

And this is where I got the idea of trying out Baluko as a replacement.


Baluko Chowder, Pinoy style. The bread that goes with it is Pan de Legazpi straight from Sorsogon.

I took the recipe from

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2 Responses to Baluko Chowder, Anyone?


    “Baluko” sounds a strange word to non- Bicolanos you should have posted the picture of the shellfish. I thought it is a freshwater fish the first time I read a recipe of “Deep Fried Baluko ” posted by a restaurant in Legazpi City, they posted the picture of the shellfish. It looks like ” Razor Clams ” I am not sure if ” Baluko ” and Razor Clams are the same specie. I’m sure the Bicol version of the chowder with “Baluko ” is super-tastier than the ordinary chowder served in all the local restaurants everywhere. Especially if it is a little spice- up with ” Maarang na lada. ” Now, that really makes me hungry for a bowl of chowder.

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