Calling the Lost Relatives of Camilo Omaña Villanueva Sr.

The author got this email from Mr. Villanueva Sr.:


Dear Sorsogon group,
Can you publish that my father, Camilo Omaña Villanueva Sr, passed away in 2013? He was a native son of Sorsogon, born in 1936. He was five when the Japanese invaded, and became an orphan. His father, mother, and older brother died during the occupation. He was able to escape to Manila to stay with relatives and eventually left for the US in the 1950s, but lost touch with his brothers and sisters.
My father became an American citizen in 1976 and visited Sorsogon in 1998 with me, his son, Camilo Omaña Villanueva, Jr, now living in Nagoya, Japan. His dream was to reunite with his sisters and brothers, but could never locate them before he died. If anyone knows or has heard of him, perhaps they would remember my father. I hope to one day meet my relatives.
Camilo Omaña Villanueva, Jr.


For those who know Mr. Villanueva Sr., please don’t hesitate to reply back on the comments section with your email address. I will surely forward your message.

Salamatunon tabi!

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6 Responses to Calling the Lost Relatives of Camilo Omaña Villanueva Sr.

  1. Antonia Villanueva Natividad says:

    I read your post and I am the eldest daughter of Purita Omana Villanueva. My mother has been looking for your father but no luck. Our sister Gloria Omana Villanueva is still living but my mother is in the hospital right now. We are livibg in Cavite right now and please dont hesitate to send me an email at [edited]. my mother has been looking for your father..

  2. [Edited] if your interested to know about your father kindly contact me becaus we since 1960 my mother purita omana villanueva are looking for his younger brother who was in U.S ARMY in NEW ORLEANS he wrote a letter regarding to his birth certificate after that his brother never wrote again so we have no contact to him we went to RED CROSS and US Embacy to trace him but we cannot find him almost 1960 up to now we dont here about him i so only read your message on goggle if you interested i tell your brother and your sisters and family.I hope u will contact me ASAP…

    • Hi, this is COV Jr.

      To my father’s family, I’m sorry to say he passed away on May 1, 2013 in Oakland, California. I have been actively searching for his relatives since 1998. He lost touch with his sister, and yes, it was in New Orleans that he first arrived. However, I would like to talk to you more about this since we are all very skeptical and shocked if this is true, that we’ve finally found you. I am sorry to hear that Purita has recently died but Gloria is still living. Can anyone ask her about my father? I would like some more details from her to confirm that this is true. How old is she now? How old was Purita? And can you tell me about his other family, their names, etc. Thanks so much.

      Please mail me at [edited] when you can.

      Best regards,

      Camilo Villanueva

  3. bheng natividad says:

    Hi there! I replied ro this post earlier but for some reason they had been deleted! I supposed my mistake, sorry! Anyway, I’m the youngest daughter of purita Omaña villanueva Natividad which unfortunately just passed away this afternoon! But we still have one auntie living and her name is ate gloria. My mother was the eldest and she had been trying to locate you a long time ago hence repeating the same story about you! Anyway, if you wanted to get in touch with us, we would be happy. I’m sorry I can’t give you my mobile number as I’m flying to manila on Monday, but oh you can reach me on my viber tho [edited]

  4. sorsogoncity says:

    Hi Everyone, just glad that you have found each other. When I posted this, there wasn’t any expectations from my end.

    Upon request, I removed all if ur email addresses and Viber nick.


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