Sorsogon Road Trip 2013


The National Road, Gubat section, towards the direction of Sorsogon City.

It’s the second phase of our road trip around the province of Sorsogon. We visited Bulusan Lake first, dropped by Barcelona to see the coast and its old church.

And finally took a late lunch at Cafe Rosita at Gubat.

Final stop is Paguriran Beach via Prieto Diaz.

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1 Response to Sorsogon Road Trip 2013

  1. sorsogoncity says:

    The trip to Paguriran was an interesting one. I encountered humps on the Bailey’s Bridge before Prieto Diaz! The road offered a different kind of challenge while trying to maintain a speed of 60kph and more.

    And it turns out that Paguriran Beach is not for swimming (it was low tide when we dropped by) – the kids were disappointed. Well, we ended up with the long proven Tolonggapo Beach!

    But this is another story for another time.

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