Cafe Rosita of Gubat, Sorsogon


No one can miss the sign of Cafe Rosita if one passes the Gubat Poblacion along the National Road.


The cozy outdoor area of Cafe Rosita.


And they even offer a chess table! That definitely catches one’s attention.

I know about this place since I tried UNA in Sorsogon City. I haven’t had any chance until now.

Definitely I will leave a comment about the experience.

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3 Responses to Cafe Rosita of Gubat, Sorsogon

  1. Sorsogon City says:

    Their fish and chips are something to try for. The chips are not potatoes but Taro. My daughter did complain and I had to explain to her the difference.

  2. Sorsogon City says:

    Pepperoni pizza was far better than the mainstream pizza house in Manila, that’s according to my wife. She’s comparing the thin crust pizza.

    The Pollo Fritto was just great! It was creamy. My wife and my mom agreed that it’s just great tasting chicken.

    Finally, the kids just loved the Spaghetti Alfredo!

    Thumbs up for Cafe Rosita!

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