Weak SMART 3G Signal??

In the last two days I noticed that SMART has very weak 3G signal in the city. Last year, it was different.

My wife’s phone, which is a different brand than mine reflects a 3G signal. But it might as well say, no data connection, just like mine.

I had to drop by my mom’s place to connect to her DSL.

Hmmm… Nano naman kaya an rason san SMART niyan?


Full signal but no 3G signal available. If there is, it’s only limited on the city proper.

Anyone in Sorsogon City experiencing the same thing?

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1 Response to Weak SMART 3G Signal??

  1. Joanna Marie says:

    Dito sa Juban Sorsogon, wala pa isang oras wala na naman internet connection… maya maya nawawala po… kumulimlim lang po ng kunti, wala na naman ang connection po… Sira na trabaho ko… pero hanggang ngayon wala pang pinagbago, sobrang pangit pa rin ng internet connection… Isang linggo na po mahigit, ang pangit na connection po nila…

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