DTI Sorsogon to launch SSF Project for Sorsogon food & craft makers

SORSOGON CITY, July 23 (PIA) — The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) provincial office here will launch one of its priority projects towards the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the province.

Public Information Officer Senen Malaya of DTI Sorsogon said that the agency will launch this month two Shared Service Facilities (SSFs) for the food sector in the Province of Sorsogon

“One of the SSFs dubbed as Sorsogon City Food Processing and Packaging Facility will address the need for various industrial type equipment required by the pili, fruit and vegetable processors. It will include the provision of various processing and packaging equipment that will raise the level of productivity, improve product handling and product quality of food products by Sorsogon processors,” he said.

Malaya said the SSF valued at P875,000 will be located at the Food Processing and Packaging Center of Sorsogon State College (SSC) Sorsogon City Campus.

“SSC as the cooperator will oversee the operation of the facility which is expected to benefit 72 SMEs from all over the province and generate 120 employments,” he added.

He further said that another SSF which costs around P675,000 will be established in Brgy. Sabang, Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon that will cater to the needs of the fish processing industry. This will be called as Prieto Diaz Deboned Danggit Processing Project.

“It will make available food-grade processing equipment and storage facilities to enable the fish processors to store raw materials during peak catch and process even during rainy days that have been a production limitation to the processors,” Mr. Malaya also said.

The project’s co-operator in Pto. Diaz is the Seamancor Eco-Developers (Seamancor), a people’s organization concerned with ecology promotion and livelihood generation. The SSF will benefit primarily 20 fish/danggit processors of the municipality but will also cater to fish processors from the neighboring towns. It is expected to generate some 130 jobs.

The program launch will be attended by the project cooperators, Local Chief Executives of Sorsogon City and Prieto Diaz, DTI Officials from the national, regional and provincial Offices as well as the project beneficiaries.

The launch aims to drumbeat the availability of the facilities for the local food processing industry. It will also encourage start-ups who initially have no equipment for their production venture.

Aside from the two SSFs to be launched, DTI-Sorsogon has four other projects approved by the DTI Regional Office 5 for the priority sectors of the province. These are SSFs which will include tools and equipment for handicraft weavers in Barcelona, Casiguran and Bacon and industrial-type equipment for product development and finishing for the bamboo industry.

Acquisition of related tools and equipment is now being facilitated by DTI-Sorsogon.

Aggregate cost for the six facilities is P5,085,500 with 1,000 jobs to be generated.

“DTI-Sorsogon aims to complete a total of 10 SSFs for the province within the year which is expected to impact the livelihood of our craftsmen, food processors and other micro entrepreneurs,” Mr. Malaya said. (MAL/BAR/DTI/PIA5)

Original article is published at Philippine Information Agency on the 23rd of July, 2013.

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