In home province, Escudero detractors call him liar

POSTERS like these have sprouted all over Sorsogon, the supposed bailiwick of the Escudero family, calling Sen. Chiz Escudero a liar and stirring rumors about a supposed falling out between the Escuderos and some of their allies. JONAS CABILES SOLTES/INQUIRER SOUTHERN LUZON

SORSOGON CITY—Two weeks before the elections, posters calling Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero a liar appeared out of nowhere in Sorsogon City, which along with neighboring towns is the bailiwick of the Escudero family.

In bridges, fences and electrical posts along the national highway in Barangay Balogo, the poster superimposing Pinocchio’s nose on Escudero’s face are conspicuous. The transport terminal and city hall of Sorsogon are located in the village.

A bold text above Escudero’s face in the poster says: “Chiz: Sinungaling (Liar).”

The rest of the texts say Chiz lied when he said he would complete the construction of the Sorsogon City public market.

Manuel Sabido IV, 40, who was cracking pili nuts in front of one of the fences filled with the posters, said the posting of apparently black propaganda could be the handiwork of Escudero’s political foes.

But Sabido said it would not affect the standing of Escudero in the city, which, according to him, remained supportive of the Escudero family.

“The Escuderos are known here to be good persons. We always support them. Chiz has brought many projects here. The posters will not sway people,” said Sabido in the variant of Bicol language spoken in Sorsogon.

He said Chiz was assured of racking up votes in his hometown.

Escudero is a native of Casiguran town, a neighbor of Sorsogon City, which along with the municipalities of Magallanes, Castilla, Pilar and Donsol compose the first district of the province.

The Escuderos have no known bitter political foes in the province but was in quandary lately when Evelina Escudero, the mother of Chiz, endorsed the candidacy of Raul Lee for Sorsogon governor but not the candidacy of Raul’s wife, Sally, for Sorsogon City mayor.

Evelina instead endorsed Leovic Dioneda, incumbent city mayor, who is running for his last term. Dioneda’s son, Eric, is running against Raul.

Evelina is running for the first district congressional seat of Sorsogon, which was left vacant by the death last year of her husband, the late Rep. Salvador Escudero III.

A campaign manager for the Dionedas said the decision could be the reason behind the appearance of the posters.

The camps of Dioneda and Lee both denied the allegation.

Original article is published at Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 3, 2013.
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