The alternative mobile art education program will travel to Brgy. Sirangan  on May 3-10. After the actual community art workshop, a showcase week will be held for 3 days to exhibit and to present the outputs from the workshops in the barangay.

It already visited Brgy. Bitan-o from April 17-23, and Brgy. Talisay last April 25-May 1, 2013.

In the past, art education has always been regarded as elitist—a mere lifestyle of enjoyment, and exclusivity of own standards, interests and biases.  It was also only accessible to those who have the luxury and capacity to enjoy and learn art because they have the economic and social capital. Today, art has gone a long way in reaching communities in engaging its members in social activities that advocates in preserving societal traditions, improving lifestyles and teaching environmental awareness and family rehabilitation through different disciplines in arts and crafts like junk art, assemblage of found objects, mosaics using shells, painting using alternative pigments such as coffee bean extracts, traditional dancing, photography and film making as well as theater and storytelling.

To read more, you can download this article.

Note: This information came from Mr. Geri Carretero.

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