Who’s Who on the list of Sorsogon Provincial Candidates for 2013 Election

Compiled By BicolToday.com


Name of Candidates

Political Party

Governor Brin, Amadeo Independent
Dioneda, Marc Eric Independent
Laurinaria, Renato LP
Lee, Raul UNA
Vice Governor Escudero, Antonio
Frivaldo, Ramon Vladimir LP

1st District

Diaz, Aeneas Eli Independent
Escudero, Evelina G. NPC
Perete, Arnulfo Independent

2nd District

De Castro, Guillermo UNA
Gillego, Sappho P. PMP
Ramos, Deogracias LP
Solis, Joey Independent
Board Members

1st District

Aquino, Rebecca NPC
Anonuevo, Roland Ind
Amor, Owen LP
Barbin, Nichol Ind
Escudero, Krunimar II NPC
Imperial, Antonio, Jr. Ind
Lopez, Saturnino LP
Lotino, Eddie Ind
Millano, Carlito NPC
Namia, Susan LP
Ravanilla, Franco Eric NPC
Relativo, Ever NPC

2nd Distict

Alindogan, Asisteo LP
Banares, Manuel PMP
Borromeo, Nitz LP
Esmeria, Isabel UNA
Flores, Marian LP
Forte, Amalia LP
Gallanosa, Peter PMP
Gamit, Juanito Ind
Gerona, Simplicio Ind
Gino, Edgar LP
Glipo, Arze LP
Guban, Renato LP
Guysayko, Micheal NP
Hao, Bong UNA
So, Francis Gino LP

Original article is from Bicol Today published on April 10, 2013.

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2 Responses to Who’s Who on the list of Sorsogon Provincial Candidates for 2013 Election

  1. DJ Bazura says:

    kawawa na naman kaming mga taga village bibinkhan

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