Orosipon – Quezon Street, Sorsogon City circa January 2013

Quezon Street starts from Magsaysay Street and ends at the corner of Burgos Street. It intersects with Calle Nueva, Peralta and Monreal streets.

One of the author‘s interest is history, in relation to this blog is getting the historical snapshot of places in the city, to some extent the province. This way, younger generations will know and understand the story of Sorsogon and its locales.

Starting with Quezon Street in Brgy. Polvorista, it’s a main thoroughfare for tricycles since the main road in the city proper, Magsaysay Street, is one way towards Sorsogon National High School at Brgy. Almendras-Cogon. Most of the section of Quezon Street is at Brgy. Polvorista, a place named from the Spanish of gun powder.

The street served as tricycle terminals years back. Originally, this was the terminal for tricycles going to Brgy. Pangpang. Then it became tricycle terminal for Brgy. Bibincahan and other barangays, until the terminal was moved to Plaza Bonifacio.

Bayanihan Drugstore, corner Quezon and Magsaysay Streets, is one of the oldest drugstores; it’s owned by the Lopez family. During the author’s younger days, the Mr. Lopez or his wife would man the counter. Nowadays, it’s one of his sons. If one is growing up in Sorsogon, nobody can miss this establishment because Mr. Lopez is a mestizo. The store hasn’t changed, except for that unique ATM (Automatic Tubig Machine) beside it.

The opposite corner of Bayanihan Drugstore is Hollywood (or is it Holywood?), whose entrance is facing Magsaysay street. It’s where one can buy engineering stuff like technical pen (mainly Staedler or Rotring products) and other school stuff. And the author remembers after buying a technical pen set, the store increased its price right after.

There’s this old barber shop near the corner of Calle Nueva street. That’s where the author’s grandmother would take him for a hair cut, right after school. The barbers changed, but the shop is still there and still see familiar faces. Those were the days when barbers still use labaha, a very sharp blade (nowadays, they just insert a Gillette-like blade into a blade holder that looks like the labaha) and scissors made in Tabaco, Albay. After a hair cut, the author’s grandmother would take him to Velasco Restaurant for a Magnolia Ice Cream cup (was it PHP1/cup then?).

The author is familiar with the section starting from Monreal St. down to Calle Nueva. He has cousins in Brgy. Polvorista, just behind the former Del’s Beauty Parlor; there was an alley beside the beauty parlor decades back, but the was closed by the owner. The best friend of the author also lives near Monreal St., just a few meters away from Quezon street via an alley. A few houses from the author’s best friend was the house of Lola (or Tiya for some) Merced, who was well known parahilot.

For the readers who don’t visit the city regularly, the author hopes these pictures will bring back fond memories.

The author will appreciate additional stories via the comment section. Dios mabalos!

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7 Responses to Orosipon – Quezon Street, Sorsogon City circa January 2013

  1. nonoestur says:

    here i am again trying to add bits of nostalgic pieces from my gradually-decaying recalls of my beloved town. I remember whenever it comes to school supplies then, it was a choice only between holywood and goodluck with goodwill bazaar coming in poor third. but holywood always was the first choice kasi parang pang masa ang dating nya. tapos pag tsinelas at sapatos naman, sa zenco footsteps na katapat ng holywood na may mga stalls naman sa tabi. naalala ko din ang bulletin store na sa bandang likod ng footsteps na may hilera ng halo-haluan sa likod din nito.
    Sa street naman na madalas kong daanan(Burgos St. ba yun?) mula sa kanto ng paras bakery kasunod ang quinto complex at jb cinema hanggang munisipyo, dino mark at milagrosa talisay na yun. Ang talisay dati ay hati sa dalawa, ayon sa amin noon- iraya at ilawod. Iraya ang bungad mula colegio, at ilawod naman ang sa dulo malapit sa dagat.
    i will add more history as soon as i can remember them.
    thanks for bringing back my childhood…

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Wow! I have friends and cousins who live in Brgy. Talisay but I never heard them refer to Ilawod and Iraya. Iraya normally refers to forest so it makes sense if it’s the farther from the sea. It would be interesting to know if those names were given back in the old days, say before the war.

      Yup, you are referring to Burgos street. I am composing the same format for the said street, just like Quezon’s.

      By the way, I have a picture of Zenco footstep with a short story of my own. Before Zenco’s Islander, we have Spartan! Lots of it in plasa going to Bulletin Store (perhaps another Orosipon for another time).

      Salamat sa mga kumentaryo!

      • nonoestur says:

        Well, probably that reference (Ilawod and Iraya) was only popular among us kids because we used to play war games (baradil-badilan) by group and we hid to as far as Iraya. Also there was another small section of Talisay which we called looban – a group of houses on the right side of a small street going to Bitano.
        About Talisay itself, I spent half of my childhood there, in Ilawod area. It used to be slum-like, with small houses and shanties built next to each other. At one point, it became a dumping site for a short time. But it was a generally peaceful neighborhood and people are very friendly.
        Another ‘interesting ‘ part I remember is about the stretch of rip-rap, from the backside of Colegio up to Katungan (a swampy area bordering Talisay, Bitano and Pinakulan) that was once the longest public toilet of the barangay.
        Early in the morning or at dawn, you would see several residents (did I say including myself? )in each of their favorite spots, in a compromising (for lack of a better word hehe) sitting position doing their routine ‘dirty’ business of disposing their excesses in the waiting water of Sorsogon Bay, with komiks in hand for reading and for obvious purpose (hehehe again )
        And they did this even in plain view of the passers-by. But back then, nobody cares really.

  2. sorsogoncity says:

    Your story on the coast of Brgy. Talisay sounds familiar. I went to Colegio de la Milagrosa and would go up the perimeter wall of the school; part of the scenery was those going on their ‘bombing mission’. Adding your komiks, very familiar sight indeed.

    The seawall from Colegio to Brgy. Bitano was crushed by the typhoon surge during Sisang back in ’87, right?

  3. nonoestur says:

    The seawall you maybe referring to was actually built after Sisang to prevent similar disaster. But pre-Sisang, it was just an ordinary rip-rap, a pile of big stones and rocks (without concrete on voids)on top of each other. It was more like a breakwater to reduce the impact of sea waves once it reaches the shore.
    Also, it didn’t stretch up to Bitano because of the swamp ( with miyapi trees all over) I mentioned earlier. They probably built a separate seawall there.
    But talking about Sisang, it was typhoon I have ever survived. And it deserves another story.
    Really, thanks for your articles. I felt like I was 10 year old again.

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