Angie’s Bahay Minindalan (January 2013)

The building where Angie’s Bahay Minindalay is originally located, nearby formerly Colegio de la Milagrosa – this is around 25 years ago.

The store was named after one of the Mateo daughters or grand daughters (if somebody can confirm this). It was very popular during its days, especially its waffle hotdog – as far as the author knows, it was the only one that’s offering it.

The author remembers that the only time he could have that waffle hotdog was only during special occasions or when his younger cousin would ask her mom for one (damay na!). The author had the impression that the snack house was a bit pricey during that time. The author’s wife added that it was the only restaurant who offered mango shake and on Sundays, one can order for a lechon in the morning; the pig was roasted at Dino Mark Bowling Alley area, which has the same owner.

Its name changed several times. One time, it was a bus stop for trips to Manila (the author is sure it wasn’t Sarkies Tours). But for the author, it will always be Bahay Minindalan.

It would be great if the Sorsoganon readers can share their stories about this establishment.

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4 Responses to Angie’s Bahay Minindalan (January 2013)

  1. nonoestur says:

    Yes, I remember this Angie’s Bahay Minindalan. It was just across the street from Colegio de la Milagrosa going to Pilot. I lived in Talisay and everyday I would pass by there on my way to SCAT. I always thought that the place was very exclusive and only caters to the well-offs of Sorsogon. And I remember too, eating that famous waffle hotdog only once (never been repeated) as pasalubong from one of my cousins on vacation from manila. It used to be a very lively and busy place especially around 6pm onwards because of the manila-bound buses that stops there. I wonder what it looked like now. I miss the place, never had the chance to go back to sorsogon in almost 8 years now.

    • sorsogoncity says:

      It’s good to hear from a fellow Sorsoganon.

      I remember that one waffle hotdog was PHP5 a pop. And at the time, a Magnolia Ice Cream cup was like PHP1 already, which was relatively expensive. That was in the early 80s. I guess, it offers its own exclusivity.

      On being the bus stop, I think this was around the late 80s or so. That was before it changed its name or temporarily closed before it changed its name.

      Dios Mabalos!


  2. anna says:

    Count me in on those who remember Angie’s waffle hotdog quite well. I also remember the macapuno tart and the TV that showed taped episodes of late ’70s and early ’80s variety shows :p By the way, Angie was a Mateo daughter in law. Her first name was Dominga and she was the one who started Casa Dominga

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Anna,

      I remember the TV shows, I think it’s on the corner of the lower section of the restaurant away from the order counter. Now I remember that the resto is covered with a screen, that you can see through the Mateo yard.

      Salamat tabi sa kumentaryo. It adds more details on the article.

      Sorsogon City

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