Notice to Overseas Readers: BOC blacklists cargo forwarders

MANILA, Philippines—The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has blacklisted at least 20 freight forwarders and other firms behind undelivered balikbayan boxes and mail fraud schemes that victimize mostly overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Among the firms blacklisted by the BOC, in coordination with the Department of Trade and Industry-attached Philippine Shippers Bureau (PSB), D’Winner Logistics Philippines Inc., LCSN Express Movers Inc., Transtech Global Philippines Inc., Wide-Wide World Express Corp., MC Plus Inc., 2GO Express, Aerosend, Alas Cargo Philippines, Associated Consolidation Express, Dausan International Forwarders, FACF Parcel Delivery, R & M Cargo Services, VCG Customs Brokerage, and Manila Broker.

The BOC advised the public not to deal with these freight companies and their foreign contacts or consolidators which include the following: Cityline Cargo, Maru Cargo Logistics, SCRL Cargo, Trico International, Smooth Express, Shipping Express, North and South Express Cargo, Hagibis Express and Al Rodah Marine Cargo.

According to the BOC, most of the balikbayan boxes were not released due to the nonpayment by the forwarders of customs duties and other fees, “causing prejudice to the claimants, who are all OFWs.”

In an earlier BOC media forum, PSB head Victorio Mario Dimagiba explained that the revocation of the firms’ accreditation was due to mounting complaints from OFWs whose balikbayan boxes never reached their destination.

He urged the OFW victims of the freight forwarders to file their complaints with either the BOC or PSB.

The original article is at Philippine Daily Inquirer published on November 6, 2012.

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2 Responses to Notice to Overseas Readers: BOC blacklists cargo forwarders

  1. It is really sad to hear that their is some freight forwarder doing a bad things for their customer.In Finland they are avoiding those things to maintain the trust of the people.In part of Helsinki freight services is been a good image to people because of the fact that they give the satisfaction that need of customer for shipping a things.

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Elisabeth,

      Due to lack of standards and weak enforcement of some related policies, unscrupulous forwarders survive (sometimes thrive) in the Philippines. Philippines must be a haven for them due to high number of Filipinos working abroad.

      Sorsogon City

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