Sorsogon is rice-sufficient

By Oliver Samson

Sorsogon City — The province has sufficient rice despite traders shipping stocks to meet deficiencies in Masbate and Samar, said a National Food Authority official.

Eliseo Caliwag, NFA provincial manager, said the agency has prepared enough buffer to last until the first quarter of 2013.

“We have 76,316 bags of ready-to-mill palay and 12,567 bags of milled rice,” he told Manila Standard, noting that additional procurement until December of about 150,000 bags plus stocks in NFA warehouses will pool 94,673 bags of milled rice.

Rice traders are also taking in more palay with farmers keeping enough for their household before selling their grains,” Caliwag said, adding that it has more irrigated lands than Samar and Masbate.

The NFA rice average daily sale last month is only 400 to 500 bags, Caliwag said, noting that the pooled supply would cover 189 days or six months and one week.

“That is an indication that we have sufficient rice in the province,” he said

The year’s second harvest in September and October provide a steady margin, Caliwag said, even as some localities have a third harvest.

“There will be no imported rice this year in Sorsogon,” Caliwag said. “The last time we had imported rice allotment was during the time of President Gloria Arroyo.”

He said stocks bought abroad by the agency are alloted to non-rice producing and supply-deficient places.

“Here in Sorsogon, if our product will not go outside the province we always have surplus of rice,” Caliwag said. “However, traders take it to Masbate and Samar.”

Original article is published at Manila Standard Today on October 6, 2012.

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