Chiz’s mom to run for Congress

MANILA, Philippines – The widow of Sorsogon Rep Salvador Escudero III will seek to fill the seat he vacated in Congress in the coming polls, the Bicol Mail reported.

Sen Francis Escudero made the announcement last week that his mom Evelina Guevara-Escudero will run for representative of the 1st congressional district of Sorsogon, the regional newspaper Bicol Mail reported Thursday, October 4.

Escudero said it was the consensus reached by the family and local allies, the paper reported.

Mrs Escudero is currently a member of the Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines, appointed by President Aquino only last February. Her husband, the late Congressman Escudero, died last August.

The senator’s brother Philip was initially seen as the one to replace their father in Congress, so this development was a surprise move in the province’s political scene, the newspaper said.

Guevara-Escudero will face Atty Arnulfo Perete, a provincial board member and a member of the Liberal Party. –


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