Kasanggayahan Fest captures Sorsogon’s agricultural bounty

By Benilda A. Recebido

SORSOGON CITY, Oct 5 (PIA) — The province of Sorsogon will celebrate the yearly Kasanggayahan Festival to hightlight the contributions of the agricultural industry in the development of Sorsogon.

Kasanggayahan Festival 2012, which will run from October 8 to 17, will manifest the agricultural productivity and the natural beauty and distinctiveness of the 14 municipalities and one city of Sorsogon.

This year’s Kasanggayahan Festival will be jointly run by the provincial government of Sorsogon, under the auspices of Governor Raul R. Lee and the Kasanggayahan Foundation Inc. headed by its president, Francisco P. Monje.

Lee said he wanted this year’s celebration to be simple yet memorable to every Sorsoganon specifically that it will highlight the local farmer’s and fisher folks who contribute to the economic progress of the province and labored for the food that Sorsoganon and even residents outside the province share in their table during meal time.

The province of Sorsogon has a lot of untapped potentials in culture and arts, tourism, agriculture and natural resources, Sorsogon Provincial Management Office (SPMO) Executive Director Sally Ante Lee said.

To highlight and give recognition to these potentials, there must be a thorough planning and that a five-year development plan of the Kasanggayahan Festival must be crafted considering this year’s agro-industrial focus as the initial step the province took to carry out this plan, she said.

“Now is the best time to show what have,” she said, urging the media and the provincial department heads, government agencies and other stakeholders to support the festival and promote Sorsogon to other people outside of the province.

The following activities make up this year’s festivities: October 1 to 31, Arts Exhibit and Kasanggayahan Lessons; October 8 to 12, “Linanggang sa Kasanggayahan” (food processing lecture and demo); October 8 to 16, “K Diskuwento Caravan”; October 8 to 17, “Bisita Sa Museo”; Kasanggayahan Trade Fair, October 9 to 15, “K Techno Demo” (demo and video showing on various livelihood projects); October 9 to 16, “Pasyaran Sa

Official seal of Sorsogon

Official seal of Sorsogon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kapitolyo” (parade of carabaos, carabao ride around the Capitol grounds on a decorated carabao); October 10 to 12, B2B Market Encounter (institutional buyers, exporters and merchandisers from Manila and neighboring provinces are invited for a market encounter); October 11 and 12, “Bisita Agrikultura” (agri-tour); October 11 to 14, Girl Scouts of the Philippines Kasanggayahan Festival Camp in Magallanes, Sorsogon; October 12 to 14, “Pintahan Sa Kasanggayahan” (mural painting featuring top 20 tourist spots of the province); and from October 13 to 14, Youth Eco-Summit.

The opening day set on October 8 will be highlighted by a Holy Mass at 7 a.m. and the Ceremonial Pili Nut Cracking, as champion product of the province; military civic parade; blessing and opening of “K” Trade Fair; ribbon cutting of arts exhibit; provincial/city/municipal officials get-together and business forum.

Philippine National Red Cross Chairman Dick Gordon and Department of Tourism Bicol Regional Director Maria O. Ravanilla are expected to attend the opening day.

Selected farmers will also be given special participation during the opening program.

“The opening activity and the bests of Sorsogon will be covered by the Living Asia, an international television network that will give the province the chance to show its potential globally,” said SPMO Executive Director Lee.

Other activities to be anticipated by the public are as follows: October 9, Senator Chiz Escudero Shooting Competition; “Talentadong Paraoma Nan Parasira” Rawit-Dawit Contest; October 10 – “Pag-ani: Si Tootsie Jamoralin Nan Saiyang Mga Gibo”; October 13 – “Padyakan Kasanggayahan” (108 km cross-province mountain bike ride); “Patiribayan sa Kasanggayahan” (skills competition); “Pag-Orgolyo Ki Tatay” (a tribute to Congressman Sonny H. Escudero as former Secretary of Agriculture); October 14 – “Daralagan sa Kabulodan” (agri-run, 10k Bulusan Eco-Trail Running Cup ‘12); October 15 – Agricultural Quiz Bee; and October 16 – Young Farmers’ Congress.

There will also be nightly shows at the Capitol Park at 7 p.m. where the public can enjoy cultural presentations in a form of songs, dances and literature.

Monje, meanwhile, enjoins the public to the annual Pilgrimage Mass on October 13 at 8 a.m. at Gibalon in Magallanes town. The activity commemorates the First Holy Mass in Luzon in 1569, a historical importance marking the beginning of Christianization in Southern Bicol.

“Festivals must not only be centered on food, entertainment or parties but more so in giving thanks to the Almighty for his bountiful blessings,” Monje said.

He particularly sought the help of the media to tell the public of the significance of the Eucharistic Celebrations and Worship where he said three Holy Masses all throughout the festivities must be participated into and celebrated by the people of Sorsogon.

The Provincial Thanksgiving Day is set on October 17 with religious worships, “Pantomina sa Tinampo” and the “Kaogmahan sa Kasanggayahan” (street party and awarding of winners in Pantomina).

“Pantomina sa Tinampo” is the finale or the highlight of Kasanggayahan Festival. This year, the old “Pantomina” step will be used to give chance to a more participation of the public during the street dance.

At night, outstanding local achievers will be given awards and recognition during the “Gab-I san Kasanggayahan” (Orgolyo san Sorsogon Awards and Closing Program) which will bring to light the Outstanding Young Rice Farmer Organization; Best LGU Managed Fish Sanctuary; Outstanding Punong Barangay; Outstanding Barangay Kagawad; Outstanding Policemen; Outstanding Teachers (14+1) and Outstanding Barangay Health Worker.

The word “Kasanggayahan” captures the provincial picture of Sorsogon, a bountiful green land with golden grains, environmentally vibrant with a fun loving people and rich both in agricultural and marine products. (MAL/BAR-PIA5 Sorsogon)

The article is published at Philippine Information Agency site on October 5, 2012.



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