Jane’s Bakery and Grocery aka Sorsogon Provincial Post Office

The former Sorsogon Provincial Post Office is now Jane’s Bakery. The former is now located in the local DOTC office just a few lots away along De Vera Street. While the latter was originally located in Plasa (Sorsogon wet market).

I can still remember when I bought this stamp set from the Sorsogon Provincial Post Office along Rizal St., just in front of the Petron gas station (now replaced by various cell phone vendors, circa 2011). From my observation, the said office is built during Commonwealth, it seems to have similarity with structures from that period. In any case, I am quite definite it’s an old structure.

The windows on the picture, that weren’t there yet before it was turned into grocery and bakery, if I remember it right.

I can’t recall exactly when, but the building was purchased by the Jane’s owner. Originally, the grocery was located in the wet market, in one of the corners near the Rizal St. extension.




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2 Responses to Jane’s Bakery and Grocery aka Sorsogon Provincial Post Office

  1. anna says:

    hi there! the new post office is now in the provincial government hub, near the gsis building, water district etc. the windows that you see open into a satellite post office, apparently most of us have been so used to having the post office in that spot so they had to set up a tiny cubicle.

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