A Feedback from one of the Readers

Note: This feedback is sent via email. One of the reasons why I am maintaining this site. 


It was nice reading your blog about my hometown, Bacon, Sorsogon City. With the way you described your childhood days of swimming and romping around the beach of bacon brought back fond memories of my childhood as well . I’m proud to say that our our ancestral house is still standing there and withstood the ravages of natures wrath .

Remembering the good old days when I was growing up, the scenic view of th

English: Bacon Beach,Sorsogon City facing Nort...

English: Bacon Beach,Sorsogon City facing North. The mountains in the background divide Sorsogon and Albay provinces. Category:Places in Sorsogon City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

e water and the mountain from the back of our kitchen were indeed a refreshing sight when I woke up early in the morning to feel the soft breeze and cool air coming from the ocean. Although I’ve been away for 35 years, I still don’t forget to to visit those places that I’ve grown to love with as well as reminisce with old friends that are still left behind. I still have the urge of returning home and one day I promised to my kids to bring them home and to see the beauty of my hometown, BACON.

Thanks for putting up a website about our hometown.


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