Sorsogon City and the Internet

It’s been a while that I was planning to move Sorsogon City‘s address to a more appropriate one. Thus, while reading the news today, I encountered an article about the country top level domain of Tokelau. It’s a small island in the Pacific, that it takes several days to get there. The said country/island offers free domain, .tk.

So, I took one – Just to test the waters.

If this site doesn’t get 25 unique visits in 90 days, the domain gets retired.

The only challenge with this is that it’s not published in the search engines.

The site’s biggest challenge is not the visitors, but the sustainability of content submission.

Let’s see…

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6 Responses to Sorsogon City and the Internet

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  2. Katrina says:

    Hello, I was hoping to see if there is good internet in Sorsogon in this article. Particularly in Bacon. I haven’t been there is years and we are planning to visit in July. I work online and having good signal is a must. We will be living in our relatives house (no wifi) so we will be using our handy USB stick modem. If you can share any information on how internet is in Bacon, i would really appreciate it.

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Trina,

      At San Roque, along the Bacon-Sorsogon Road, there’s a 3G service. I don’t remember getting a 3G signal at Brgy. Caricaran, the beach area.

      I will check with my friends.


      • Trina says:

        Thanks for your help! Looking forward to any information you can get! Last time I was in Bacon was 24 years ago. I’m sure a lot has changed. I don’t know which town we are going to stay at but what I remember is, it’s just walking distance to Tolong Gapo.
        Have a good day!

      • sorsogoncity says:

        Hi Trina,

        After checking with some friends, nobody can tell me which telco offers 3G service in Bacon. Perhaps you can also leverage your own local connections.

        Sorry I couldn’t help you further.

        Enjoy your stay in Bacon. It has changed a lot, for the better, since you left.


      • Katrina says:

        Hello again,

        Oh, that’s ok. Thanks for trying to help!

        All the best!

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