Notice to the Southroad Drivers during 2012 Holy Week

Last March 28, I went to Sorsogon and just stayed less than 12 hours and took the bus again back to Manila.

I left Manila via Isarog bus line at 730pm and I arrived in Sorsogon at 10am; I had to get off at Brgy. Pangpang due to traffic. One thing I noticed was the one-way section in the Daraga area, just before the intersection to Daraga and Legazpi City; it took us approx. 20min to clear the area. Luckily, I took the lazy boy trip of the said bus line – the size of the seats is almost the same as the business class in the plane and the suspension wasn’t so bad either. However, prepare to pay for PHP1,300 for each trip.

Going back to Manila, I took a 5pm Elavil bus. We arrived in Cubao at 715am.

Apparently, there’s a long one-way section in the Pagbilao area. For how long our bus waited for its turn, I really don’t know. But the 2 hours extension is really a bum!

Most of these passengers are trying to get a ticket for a trip on the same day. However, most of the bus lines do not have available tickets have started increasing their trips in preparation for the 2012 Holy Week surge.

Cubao Bus Terminal a week before the 2012 Holy Week. The place is still orderly, but one can notice the surge of passengers.



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2 Responses to Notice to the Southroad Drivers during 2012 Holy Week

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  2. arlie samboa says:

    mgkanu pug pmasahe galng turbina hangang cumadcad castilla sorsogon?

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