Driving from Manila to Sorsogon (Part 3 – Driving along Bicol Area)

From Andaya highway, you will exit via Sipocot. Sipocot has spotty highway – now it’s smooth, later you will find yourself in a crater-size pot holes. However, moving to Camarines Sur, the highway is much better – except for some short sections, but quite tolerable for a 13″ tires.

One thing that can change the behavior of the driver when he encounters numerous potholes along the way is that the stretch of Sipocot-Milaor has Acacia trees on both sides of the highway. When driving the later morning or afternoon, the shadow of the trees give the driver an illusion of huge potholes, slowing him down on the process. But better slow down than be sorry.

In Camarines Sur, you will pass by the following towns on the way to Albay:

Note: There’s a diversion road right after the bridge (across Bicol River) that avoids the city traffic.

  • Pili
  • Baao
  • Nabua
  • Bato

Between Naga City and Daraga, it’s about 150 kilometers, approx. 1.5 hours (less than 1 hour if you are travelling at midnight, but not exactly less dangerous).

From Bato, one enters the province of Albay. The one has to pass the following towns:

  • Libon
  • Polangui
  • Oas
  • Guinobatan
  • Ligao
  • Camalig – along the national highway, it offers an excellent view of Mayon Volcano on the way to Sorsogon – that if it’s not cloudy in the area.

Deserted road in Camalig, Albay. The clouds are covering the magnificent view of the famous Mayon Volcano.

  • Daraga – if one has time before reaching Sorsogon, just turn left on the intersection (just beside Shell gas station) towards Legazpi City. Don’t miss the Cagsawa Ruins, just before the intersection after Camalig or visit the baroque cathedral, Our Lady of the Gate Parish, on top of the hill of Sta. Maria Hill on Brgy. San Roque. Otherwise, turn right towards Sorsogon City.

Cagsawa Ruins is accessible via a narrow road from Maharlika Highway, just before the diversion road going to Legazpi City. Image via Wikipedia (author - Tam3rd)

English: Mayon is a shortened version of Magay...

The Our Lady of the Gate Parish was constructed in 1773 atop Sta. Maria Hill in Brgy. San Roque and is uniquely known for its rich baroque architecture. Image via Wikipedia

Except for Camalig and Daraga, all of the above mentioned towns have diversion roads, thus, heavy traffic is avoided along Maharlika highway.
From Daraga, it’s just 10 to 15 minutes away to the intersection of Putiao, Pilar (turning right brings you to Pilar or Donsol, the latter famous for its Butanding). And from Putiao, it’s just 40 minutes away or so to Sorsogon City. 

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