Provincial health office records 18 deaths of Cholera, advises public to take extra health precautions

By Irma A. Guhit
Sunday 5th of February 2012

SORSOGON CITY, Feb. 5 (PIA) — Dr. Edgar Garcia, officer here of the Sorsogon Provincial Hospital reminded the public today to take all the necessary exigent health precautions against cholera; to date, the province has 18 recorded deaths in a span of three months.

According to him, the provincial hospital intensified its campaign against the disease due to the alarming rate of deaths.

He also said that he had made representations with all local chief executives to be aware of this health concern specially here in the city of Sorsogon through their municipal health officers.

He also explained that there were 12 deaths related to this illness recorded in Sorsogon City, 3 deaths in Gubat, one in Castilla and one in Bulusan.

He also explained that the cause of death can also be attributed to the presence of “fecal ecoli “ that may have contaminated river stream in some areas due to poor hygiene and wrong toilet habits.

Garcia also explained that after receiving the results yesterday based on rectal swabs and the findings of the cause of deaths, he immediately went on radio today to give the results of the findings of the several patients who were rushed to the hospital with the same symptoms and immediately conducted emergency meeting with the local health boards.

The PHO, according to Dr. Garcia, had intensively informed the public and issued warnings to the municipal health workers to be vigilant and keep watch of the incidence and remind public to take health precautions especially by boiling their water for drinking. He also had made coordination with the Sorsogon City Water District for water chlorination.

He also said that a total of 200 plus patients for the last three months here had been admitted with the same symptoms and have been provided the immediate medication only those who were not brought immediately to the hospital and were not given the needed first aid treatment by their family died.

Garcia also again reminded the public to rush immediately patients who suffer loose bowel movement as this is one of the symptoms of diarrhea and that if the patient has low resistance as in the case of a lot of people today because of the weather, then vigilance is needed.

He also informed the public that all Rural Health Units have the needed antibiotics and health workers know what to do in this case.

Intensive daily and weekly surveillance on the cases according to him should be done not only by health workers but members of the family as well. Children going to school should bring boiled water for drinking and avoid buying street food or food which they think may not be properly and safely prepared. (MAL/IAG, PIA Sorsogon)

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2 Responses to Provincial health office records 18 deaths of Cholera, advises public to take extra health precautions

  1. Krista says:

    Sa totoo lang po mga [edited] ang mga empleyado at nurses dyan sa Provincial Hospital! Pag ang isang pasyente nakikita nila na walang pera hindi nila pinapansin.. Yung mga taga Record Section panay tsismisan [edited]! lalo na yung isang babae dun na tamad maghalungkat ng record. [edited]

    • elle says:

      eh dapat palitan na ng tunay na public servant kung ganun.. nakakainis ang mga ganyan eh to think sinasaharuhan sila para gawin trabaho nila. Baka deadma rin lang ang pinuno nila. haaayyyy

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