Orisipon – Jane’s Restaurant aka Velasco Restaurant

Jane’s Restaurant was originally located in plasa and transferred around in the 90s, if the author’s memory serves him right. Before Jane’s it was known as Velasco Restaurant, one of the few restos in the old town of Sorsogon.

Velasco brings a lot of memories back in the 80s. It’s where the

The main entrance of Jane’s resto. The right section served as a bakery for a while.

author’s grandmother would treat him for a Magnolia’s ice cream cup (which offered a larger serving compared to the current ice cream cup). The author’s father, who was an overseas worker in the early days, would bring the former to Velasco for a plate of spaghetti or a fried chicken treat during latter’s yearly visit. It’s only one of the few places the author could drink soda, which was not allowed at home.

The author’s father shared his old story that back in the ’60s, the corner of the said restaurant (it wasn’t known as Velasco then) was a waiting area for stebedores, who would wait for cargo ships coming from Manila or Visayas.

It’s been awhile since the author dropped by. The last time the author went to Jane‘s was more than 10 years ago – he ordered pansit canton and halu-halo.

The author hopes some of the readers would share their stories about this restaurant, which has a long history.

Jane’s Restaurant surviving amidst the presence of modern fastfoods such as Jollibee, Chowking and Greenwich. It’s located on the corner of Rizal and De Vera Streets.

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