Gubat town trains health workers for mother and baby care program

PIA Press Release
Thursday, January 12, 2012

by Irma A. Guhit

SORSOGON CITY, Jan 12 (PIA) — A three day essential health training for health workers focused on the implementation of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) No. 4 – to eradicate maternal and infant mortality – is now ongoing here.

According to Dr. Carmen Ramos Bonoan, the need to enable health workers in the proper care of pregnant and lactating mothers is a must since this is one of the most vulnerable group needing health care attention based on report of maternal and infant mortality status nationwide.

A group of physicians and lecturers coming from the University of the Philippines headed by Dr. Maria Asuncion is now the one conducting the training.

There is indeed a need to provide a continuous skills enhancement for health workers starting from the barangay health centers, municipal, and district hospital personnel so that collegial support system in the implementation of the MDG No. 4 be achieved.

According to Ramos, aside from enabling the health personnel, the barangay health centers,and municipal and district hospitals will also be upgraded in terms of facilities and other equipment together with provision of information education materials, fliers and brochures specifically on the maternal and infant health care implementation.

Funding for the procurement of health equipment will be shouldered by the office of congressman Deogracias Ramos.

It was also learned that the following flagship programs are being provided substantive funding allocation: the strengthening of health development mechanisms, environmental protection and conservation, tourism, and infrastructure development.

It is expected that the three-day training program will provide the health workers particularly in the second district the needed skills and knowledge in the assistance and support of the implementation of the MDG goal no. 4.(MAL/IAG-PIA Sorsogon)

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