SORECO II implements no-power-bill-collector policy

PIA Press Release
Thursday, January 05, 2012

by Irma A. Guhit

SORSOGON CITY, January 5 (PIA) — There will be no more

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SORECO II power bill collectors, the management of the Sorsogon Electric Cooperative (SORECO) II here issued this policy starting this year.

This new scheme was implemented by SORECO management in order to increase their collection efficiency, especially this year since consumers will be the one to proceed to the SORECO II paying centers, pay their monthly electric bills and no request for extension will be made.

Before, consumers could request from their collectors to just return or beg off to pay so sometimes, even two months electric bill consumption are provided an extension.

This time, it will be different since non-payment on said due date of monthly electric consumption as stipulated in their power bill for the month will mean automatic disconnection according to management.

It was also learned that with the implementation of this new scheme, the consumers have become more aware of their responsibility in settling their electric consumption and have personally go to the paying center for payment.

It was also noticed, according to management, that their collection efficiency had increased.

Member-owner consumers are now more aware in paying on time their electric bills as now observed even for the first few days only of this month.

SORECO II believes that they are creating empowerment and savings, as cost in the percentage payment that goes to the collectors will be saved and will also be definitely used for improving the services of the electric cooperative.

Consumer’s monthly electric payments due will only be given a 48-hour notice or a two day grace period to settle their account otherwise implementation of automatic disconnection will be imposed. (MAL/IAG, PIA Sorsogon)

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9 Responses to SORECO II implements no-power-bill-collector policy

  1. Michael L. Ativo says:

    that is good for all its fair. to avoid some collector and consumer taking advantage …

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  3. friend says:

    hello can anyone help me clear the clouds in my head for my electric bill goes up instantly from 2400+ to 3800.i have 3 television but not always turned on, a ref 24/7 open, a computer which is used occasionally the same as the electric iron and a cfl bulbs 6 and 2 incandescent lamp.please help me solve this, if anyone knows the computation for the kwh used by this appliances in order for me to lower my electric bill, it is so hard to find money nowadays and the electric bill takes mush of my budget per month.

  4. Karina says:

    what’s an overview for soreco 2

  5. Baby K says:

    what’s an overview and description for soreco 2. pls.

  6. porte says:

    anu celphone number kan soreco 2 para mag report kan nag hahabas kan kuryente

  7. porte says:

    iyo tabi salamat

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Kun may fabook tabi kamo, igwa sin Facebook an soreco – Soreco Dos. Pero nag PM man ako sa inda sa hotiline na ginhahagad nindo tabi. Kaya lang dili ko aram kun sano masimbag.


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